Copy and Paste

Why do people (including myself) get mad when something they do is copied? It sounds immature but it happens all the time, whether it be a cool tie or a band t-shirt someone else started wearing. It gets on your nerves to no end. But even though you can't really beat the hell out of everybody that takes interest in your style of things, you still can't help wanting too, or feeling that your being irrational. The thing for me is, I like being unique, and it gets harder and harder to do that when everybody keeps doing what your doing.

A lot of times we have as people a NEED to be different, we covet what we have and place pride in it, and when we do its a sting to that pride for someone else to have identical possessions and flaunt them. It's something almost everybody has felt, the kind of jealousy that you cant seem to do anything about. But why should we be mad if someone chooses to emulate something we do? maybe it's perspective, maybe we should look at it like that person is trying to be more like us (me, you, him, etc.), and if they are is that really so bad? I still get pissed, I don't know why, but I do.

The thing that seems to help me is too personalize things so you cant buy them at a store, if that means learning how to sew and other crap, so be it. I hate being jealous, so if I have to invest some time to stop it, so be it. By examining what ticks me off and learning how to fix it I enable myself to deal with other problems. It just take's (in my case) some good CD's, a little time, and a lot of cooling of to productively solve a potentially huge problem.

Hope I helped somebody, I really just wrote this because I was pissed, but maybe It could really help somebody. Have a nice day, and if you don't, either beat the problem up or think about it while listening to good music (1039 smooth, Achtung Jackass, Sing Sing Death House) I know I may be just ignorant, or generalize too much, but tell me what you think!

Posted on December 17th, 2008 at 11:47pm


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