Sexual abuse

Almost every day we hear that some kid in our area or a person in a newspaper in a magazine has come forward about knowing that someone is a sexual predator or being the victim of sexual abuse.

Only the other day I was confronted by a little woman who was asking for help, I asked her what was wrong and she burst into tears and told me a very painful story of how her own husband had been sexually abusing his grandson. She said that her partner at first denied the child's accusation then admitted it, but this got me thinking. What if this wasn't the first time and he did it to his own children. Of course the woman was embarassed that she had confronted a complere stranged over her problems, but at the same time at least she spoke to someone.
We all know someone who has been the victim of sexual abuse and sometimes people don't come forward because they are scared. But look at that little boy who told his parents " me and grandpaw have a seceret" He knew it was wrong.

Children being sexually abused by people they knew is on the uprise and often its brushed under the carpet by families I think there needs to be harsher sentences for those who allow it to happen. And more support for victims and their families.
Posted on February 23rd, 2009 at 12:27pm


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