Ignorant Little Girl.


This Video Started It All.
This video made by two girls from Arizona, California started it all.
All about how
ALL Mexicans are illegals
ALL Mexicans have a million kids every five seconds. (WTF?)
ALL Mexicans ruin America.
ALL Mexicans are rapists and criminals.
ALL Mexicans take the jobs.
ALL Mexicans are drunks.
ALL Mexicans carry burritos around (WTF?)
ALL Mexicans are "raunchy and nasty"
Mexicans didn't come here first.

Well, let me set the record straight. In my generation, RACISM IS NOT TOLERATED.
That goes for Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians etc etc. It doesn't matter who is doing the racism: no one is above one another!
And this isn't a blog about ya know, bashing on white people or how mexicans are the most awesomest people in the world blah blah NO. The case at hand here is RACISM and IGNORANCE.
First of all, these girls made really bold statements here but I'm going to have to refute all of the said statements above.

First of all not ALL Mexicans are illegals. In fact, many other races in the U.S can be illegal too. In fact, many of them have actually tried to get their citizenship.
2) We do not have a million babies a minute mkay? We are very family oriented, just like every other heritage. I have a big family. We love big families, that isn't a crime.
3) We do not ruin America. I mean cmon. We aren't friggin Godzilla. It's RACISTS LIKE YOU THAT RUIN AMERICA.
4) Just because someone is of Mexican heritage that makes them a rapist?
I'mma rape cuz I'm Mexican. No. Last time I checked, your heritage does not correlate with you being a pedophile and or rapist.
5) We do not take your jobs. If anything we do the jobs that most people hate to do. Most Mexicans work in the fields picking oranges, grapes, etc etc, house cleaning, gardening, truck driving or whatever. If you want those jobs too then go for it.
6) Mexicans drink, big deal. Whites drink. Blacks drink. Asians Drink. Russians Drink. Germans Drink. British people drink. Most people drink!
7) I'm Mexican. I don't carry burritos all the time...I wish I could tho.
Cool Mexican is not a stench. We don't wake up and say, "I smell Mexican today."
7) Mexicans didn't come first, but you didn't either.
Btw, The state where you are from. Arizona was originally spelled and pronounced, "Ari-Zuma". Aztec. Mexican.

Look, I understand that most Americans are frustrated with people coming into the country illegally. As citizens we should all abide by the laws or whatever. However, no need for racism or generalizations. It makes you look ignorant.
I was born in Mexico, and I got my citizenship, I learned English, I pay taxes, I obey the laws, I go to jury duty whatever. Not all of us are bad. (just throwing that out there)
Again, I speak for some not all.
This is no offense for other races living in this country by the way.
Do I believe that people should stay without their citizenship, no. Do I believe that they shouldn't have to learn English, no. They should try to get their citizenship and learn English because it will make their lives easier here.
So before you try to generalize, get educated.
Racism is so horrible -_-
Posted on January 7th, 2012 at 05:06am


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