Fashion Victim song meaning

In Fashion Victim the author describes how pathetically brainless people can become in their attempts to perfectly follow the latest fashion. Not only do they spend incredible amounts of money on things that are "in" ("as your credit card explodes"), but very often they choose things tastelessly, without realizing that an outfit that is considered the latest fashion might not even look good on them ("but she looks like hell to me"). They blindly follow the fashion like dogs follow orders, which makes "fashion victims" look like competitors in a pony show, trying to demonstrate how well they can do what they are told.

Aside from lack of individuality caused by the desire to look like people from magazine covers, Fashion Victim also mentions the problem of trying to shape your body so that it looks like that of a supermodel. But the attempts to be "perfect" usually lead to health problems such as anorexia and bulimia; and the victims of a race for perfection damage their health without even realizing it ("Do the anorexa-go-go"). "Fashion victims" lose their health, their individuality, and "auction off their life for the most expensive price".

Fashion Victim lyrics

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