will work for tacos

will work for tacos
i dont like my name.. so yeah
lost in a supermarket.

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hi. im will work for tacos. yeah i like to play guitar and the drums. i really cant wait until summer.. umm i love tacos and sushi. skateboarding, wakeboarding and wakeskating are the best. i like snow stuff too like skiing and snowboarding. parasailing is cool too. um i like sailor bracelets and tye die. i. listening to music is the best. i also really like playing guitar hero DOS. the coolest song to play is monkey rench and its easy too! Muffins and Starbucks taste good. I love concerts and fesitivels like warped tour, lolapalloza and voodoo fest. I like rain and thunder at night time but not during the day. red iccees are discusting.. andt the best kind of ice cream is phish food from ben and jerrys. the three most hillarious shows are viva la bam and bams unholy union and you cant forget jackass. BUBBLE TROUBLE and INK LINK are the best games i dont like to be quiet at all. and my friends are the best. there so fun i love hangning out with them =]

some really good bands are:
30 seconds to mars. red hot chili peppers. AC/DC. Anti-flag. American Hi-Fi. bad religion. billy idol. blink 182. blood hound gang. bob marley. bouncing souls. cartel. the clash. Depeche Mode. The Descendents. The Explosion. Flogging Molly. Green day. Hit the lighs. Jet. Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy Eat World. Less than Jake. The Living End. Sunami Bomb.MxPx. My chemical romance. The Network. Nirvana. Pinhead Gunpowder. the street light manifesto. HIM. NOFX. turbonegro. OAR. rancid. prestidents of the USA. queens of the stone age. the raconteurs. the ramones. the white stripes. say anything. and waaayy more (accually I'm to lazy to put all of them)


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