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there's been a lot of charges brought against me and brought against the co-defendants in this case of which a lot could be cleared up and clarified to where everyone could understand exactly what the family was supposed to have been. what the philosophies in regards to the family were. and whether or not there was any conspiracy to commit murder, to commit crime, and to explain to you who thinks with your minds? i know the only person i can judge is me. i am content with myself. these children that come to you with knives, they are your children. you taught them. i didn't teach them, i just tried to help them stand up for themselves, and stand up for the environment. most of their family were just people you didn't want. people that were left along the road, that their parents had kicked out and so I took them in. and i did the best i could at raising them and told them this; that in love there is no wrong, you eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are no better than you are. you rape the earth and destroy its lakes, and chop down its trees, and in the same respect, you say how bad and evil we are. you make your children what they are. i am just a reflection of every one of you. my message will last for ever! maybe this generation will look blind on my words and actions, but believe me, there will be a time when what WE did here, will be remembered, and be honored. we are just a few. there is always your children's children, and they're coming at you. my children will one day rise.


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