Toxic Teeth

Toxic Teeth
ahahah you wish.
By that tree, you see? muhaha

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you face
AIM never on though..^.^
Yo otha face
Yo llama


Hai. Cassie
- I say the word "Fabulous" way to much, so if you dislike that word, we can not be friends. im sorry, we just cannot.
- My last name is not Ferraro, but my 'stalker' s last name is....and i just...actually i dont know. XD (stalker- a guy that stares at me way more times than any human should)
- My wifey, Sunny, Is my love and made my Valentines Day all the worth while.
- There is this guy named David, and he gives me butterflies and he makes me blush like there is no tomorow. I dont have a crush on him.
- I keep dreaming of this guy, and i dont know who he is. but he is always there.
- Charlie and Stephen bring joy into my life, even if they are vagina-holes.
- Chelsea needs to lighten up and wear some pants. 0_o
- Lysa is my all time bestest friend, and i dont know what i would do without my bestest friend.
- My crush is in Costa Rica, currently. Sad
- Gerard Way is bitchin. as is Sonny Moore.
- i have alien eyes. swear. they contain the colors brown, green, and grey. they also have these brown dots is them. some people say they are Gorgeous
- I cant stand people who label themselves. but for shits and giggles, i would say i am scene.
- i am waiting for my mom to say that i am actually 16 and not 12.
- I spell however the hell i want to, and if you have a problem, You best back the hell up
- I am a fashionista
- I am a giant. end of story.
Cassie That is me. Take it or leave it. Bitch.


Bertums is awesome, i will always worship the boy Fizz
send me a message or i kill yew. DHarry

yes it is very apropriate to list my home boy up in herr:

isnt he the cutest muffin on the table? yes i know he is



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