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What's the use in sleeping, if there is nothing to dream about.

Yep that's one of my mottos, but enough about that!

Hi Everyone im Kelly. i have 2 names i go by: Kelloggs, and Kelly Alfred Hermit McCracken.
im 4 feet 11 in. ya im short. if my Freinds where MCR i would be frankie not just because of that but also because i love skittles.I have dark brown hair, and Hazle eyes. Im from good old New Jersey, Almost all the people i know make fun of me and my freinds call me a poser. I also think im fat, but everyone says that im not. Why would people say that if it's not true, even the people that i thought were my friends.

Favorite band:
Green Day
Fall Out Boy

Role Models:
P!nk- she stands up for what’s right
Shakira- she thinks the most beautiful part of her body is her mind
Billie Joe Armstrong- He is not afraid and stand up and say that he’s Bi
Ann Frank- she was never put down because she was Jewish
Emily Dickinson- she believes the heart asks for pleasure first an then an excuse from pain
Holden Caulfield- he knows he’s a moron and a failer but he has the guts to admit it

Did you know that the song the ballad Wilhelm fink maybe have something to do with Billie Joe's love for the catcher in the Rye. As i was reading it Holden's former teacher gave him a note from a docter named Wilhelm. that proves my case if you agree say I !!!

o and if your wondering living in New Jersey does rock, and No people don't get killed every night outside my window. NJ is not like that(where i live), that would be cool though=)


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