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"This is Hell, Kisame... this is Hell... in a box... on my kitchen table... The mailman has delivered Hell to my house."

This is the kind of quote that I would LOVE to apply to my everyday life. Alas, I'm surprisingly dull.

Twilight sucks. Don't hate me for it, I'll freely discuss good-old Eddie with you, but nobody can convince me that it comes close to comparing to Harry Potter. It's overrated, sickeningly lovey-dovey and plotless tripe. Want a real book? Go get The Red Tent, or Fight Club...

Speaking of... Fight Club... kind of rules my life XD

I write fanfiction Click Here to see my profile please read and review!!! I adore hearing from everyone!

Hidan makes my pants feel oddly tight- everybody DANCE FOR JASHIN-SAMA!!!!!!

I'm also forcibly addicted to Doctor Who and Torchwood, because of my family. (David Tenant= Love in a big, blue box! ^_^)

I kind of love H E T A L I A

My fave artists are:

Green Day (oddly enough)
Alanis Morrisette

Also, Janis Joplin, Arctic Monkeys, Missy Higgins, Meg and Dia...

Stuff I believe in:

Gay rights; I have an ambiguous sexuality (translate: I don't know what I am, much less do I care), and used to go to a christian school, I've listened to their opinions and formed my own... I can't bring myself to believe that homosexuality is wrong or a sickness, or anything of the sort. It's just who you are- and if you can't accept who you are, or just go with the flow of life, then I feel really sorry for you. HOWEVER I don't think that gays are any different from straights- enough with people having an 'I'm the only gay in the villiage'/'the world is against me' bullshit mentality. You are who you are- and everyone should be treated the same, it doesn't matter what that means for your sex life

Religion; sucks... no seriously, I respect people who can form their own beliefs, I don't respect people who DON'T respect people who form their own beliefs or push their beliefs on others. I happily believe in both creation/evolution, but I remain firmly without a theory on who or what created the first atoms and whatnot.

I believe that the afterlife is nothing like any of us expect, that we all go to one place and that god is not male, female or a hermaphrodite but simply an energy form that kind of... floats around us all and loves... like; god is love, but not in that ridiculous "He'll love you for ever and ever and ever as long as you recognize that you're mindless" love, but as in literally just love; nothing more, nothing less.

Freedom; it's the only thing that'll make you happy. do what you want with your life; be who you want. and if anyone tells you not to. tell them to go fuck themself. ^^


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