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"The World Is Fucked.
And guess what?
There's nothing we can do about it.
We just have to deal with it.
We have to move on."

Some things to know about me:
Name's Pito.
I'm a Male.
I got to high school.
I'm an outcast, yeah, but I have lots of friends who share my ideals, so it's not like I'm a lonely little fuck who complains about life and cuts himself. Those days of mine are over. Fucking over.
I have a best friend named Chris who has helped me through all of my tough shit and has helped me transform to be the man who I am now.
People who knew me a couple of years back may notice now that when you talk to me, I am not the same the person as I once was
I have a girlfriend named Deana who means the entire world to me. Her love has helped me stay alive and without her, my body would be buried in a grave, and my soul trapped and burning in Hell.
I'm naturally not a violent person. Don't fuck with me, and you'll be fine.
Most people think I'm a metalhead, and though I do love metal, I find myself listening to other kinds of music more so.
I'm not materialistic and I don't worship celebrities like most kids my age would.
Don't bring up any fucking celebrity that you may worship around me. That's for your own personal life. Not mine.
I may seem very mean and cold-hearted, but if you just give me a chance, I can be the kindest and sweetest person you'll meet.
I don't bullshit. Not my thing. Sorry.
I rarely use smiley faces anymore unless I really feel the emotion that the smiley symbolizes.
I really do like anime/manga, but it's not my entire life like a lot of other people. So if you wanna talk about animes and mangas, that's fine, but don't go overboard with any of the characters, amabo te.
"Amabo te" is a Latin idiom meaning "please," just in case you didn't know.
I sing and play piano. I would say that I am a very talented singer, and a pretty good pianist.
Not at the same time though, I fuck up on that a lot, haha.
Oh yeah, I don't use all the "lol's" or "lmao's" that much anymore either, unless I'm either being sarcastic or I'm just too bothered to write a bunch of hahahahaha's (don't worry, I'll let you know when it's the former or latter.)
Feel free to talk to me at any time, I'm down for whatever.
Thank you.



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