Brandon Cole Margera

Brandon Cole Margera
Hell if i know where I'm at

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Usernames I've had on here:
Lost Here Forever
Young and Reckless
Viva La Bam
Brandon Cole Margera

I think you gotta have balls to be an Avenged fan sometimes. A lot of our fans get hated on just as much as us. To me Avenged fans aren't just fans of a band, they are fans of everything that surrounds it, like a life style. We live it, you live it. You go to the shows and you can feel it. It's a great experience and people that aren't involved will never understand. So they can stand on the side lines and talk, but we will continue to do just what makes us happy - M. Shadows

I pledge allegiance to the Deathbat of the United Nation of Sevenfold, and to the Gates for with the stand Plague, one nation, under Christ, indivisible with Shadows and Vengeance for all!

We're coming back, coming back
We'll live forever, live forever
Let's have a wedding, have a wedding
Let's start the killing, start the killing

Shh quiet, you might piss somebody off
Like me motherfucker, you've been at it for too long

You know I make you wanna scream
You know I make you wanna run from me baby
but now it's too late you've wasted all your time

School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, so why practice? ~ Billie Joe Armstrong

It's my fucking life and you know what, nobody invited there's the door...see ya! ~ Billie Joe

Memories make me want to go back there, back there
All the memories make me want to go back there, back there
All the memories, how can we make it back there, back there
I want be there again

She's a Rebel
Extraordinary Girl
Last of the American Girls
You Lied

Nobody likes you...
Everyone left you...
They're all out without you...
Having fun!

I hate most people. I'm not a fan It seems aggravating to me. - Ryan Dunn

Have you met me before? I fucking hate people - Ryan Dunn


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