Daint - member of 'Green Bay' (Green Day tribute band)

This guy is a member of a quite popular Green Day Tribute band.. 'Green Bay'.. It was cool finding out about them, testing their 'faith', finding out if they ever built a snowman and all sorts of crazy stuff and it also put the news out about some of their upcoming shows.

Sooooooo, how old are you guys... If ya dont mind me asking?
Dodgy - young, Jeff - older, Daint - even older
Tell us something about yourselfs.
We are just a bunch of good looking guys
How did you guys decide to be a Green Day tribute band??
Coz we have always loved their music
Have you always set out to be a Green Day tribute band or did you kinda decide later on?
We were fed up with playing our own songs and not getting anywhere
Have any of you guys ever met any of the Green Day guys?
Unfortunately not
How many times have you guys seen Green Day live?
I've seen them 3 times, at Reading, Wolverhampton and Nottingham
How often do you guys go on tour and is there a tour coming up any time soon?
We've only been together for a few months but are looking to be busy this year
Do you need a back up band? *hint hint* :)
Maybe - I'll let you know. Who is your band anyways?
Do you have any CD's available?
Only with our old bands... Pigfish / Lost Souls / Dream Thieves
Who are your other fave bands?
Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers
Have you ever built a snowman?
How do you make a scotch egg?
No one knows... Do they??
Is Elvis alive?
Yes, and living at The Rock Cafe in Cannock
Do you think that The Network contain members of Green Day?
I'ts pretty obvious really
Do you like The Network?
Yes, what little I've heard
Have you ever visited a fortune teller?
Yes, she told me in the most amazing band of all time
Did you belive what she said?
It's true, isn't it?
Have you ever made your own sausage?
Have you ever caught a fish and then had it for your dinner?
Whats the story in balamorey?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Name a famous dog.
Santas little helper
How many albums do Green Day have?
What are the Green Day guys real names?
Frank Edwin Wright III., Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Pritchard
What car does Mike drive?
You got me there.. A big one?
What were Billie Joe's, Mikes, and Tre's 1st Green Day album called?
Kerplunk.. the 1st (1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours) wasn't with Tre.
Who does Tre hate?
Blink 182??
What does 'dookie' mean?
Pooh.. It's rumoured that the album was named after a person though
What is the first track on 'Insomniac' called?
Armatage Shanks
In what city do Green Day live?
What does F.O.D. mean?
Food On Demand
What is 'Armatage Shanks'?
A toilet company
What is Billie Joe's favourite meal?
You got me again
What was Billie Joe's nickname at high school?
I'm showing my idiocy now, aint I?
How old was Billie Joe when he got his first guitar?

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