To Green Day :]

I've been going through Green Day withdrawls waiting for them and their new album. I felt like writing a letter to Green Day last summer and I'm pretty sure they never got it. (it was a stupid little 13 year old letter anyhow) However, If I were to write a letter to Green Day that I know that they would actually read, I'm pretty sure it would say this:

To Green Day:
You guys as a band have been such a great inspiration to me and so many others.
Some people don't understand; I look at the people who despise Green Day but love other bands that have been inspired by you and probably wouldn't have even been around had it not been for you and your music.I think it's bullshit that people don't appreciate what you as a band have done for rock and its subgenres.
You guys have been around for a while and after 16-17 years, you're still making amazing music. So many kids and adults alike look up to you and love you, wishing that there could be a piece of Billie Joe, Mike or Tre in them when they're making their own music.
Without you guys, I don't know where or who I'd be right now and that's the fucking truth.
Thanks for everything you guys have done for the world of rock and punk.

To Billie Joe:
Billie Joe, you're such an inspiration. You've been through alot in your life and you've made some fucking great music to channel it into something positive. You're someone so many people look up to, I'm one of them.
You've done so much to contribute to music and the world. Some people love you because you're hot and some people hate you because you're brilliant, but I love you for the amazing music you play and write and for the person you are.
Thanks for playing that guitar relentlessly all these years.
You've inspired me to take up guitar and write music.
You're my fucking hero, man. Smile

To Mike:
Mike, you may not get a lot of mention, but we all love you. You're a positive and strong person. For those of us who fall in love with the bassist, it's all because of you. Smile
You've gone through some shitty times in your life, but you know how to keep composure and hold yourself together. That's a lesson I can learn from you.

To Tre:
Mr. Tre Cool, you are one fucking awesome guy. You've played the drums so long and flawlessly it seems like you could do it in your sleep.
You're one hell of an inspiration for drummers everywhere. You have a great sense of humor, one that we all wish we had, whether we think we have it or not.
I don't really know what else I can say because your awesomeness pretty much just says it all.
I commend you for being you.

I know Green Day probably wouldn't recieve this in any way, shape or form. But if they did, that's what I would say to them.
So many kids around the world idolize them and it all starts from listening to that one song that gets you hooked. I don't know how anyone can't love Green Day.
Posted on May 21st, 2007 at 07:57pm


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