What is SLA management?

Service Level Management (SLM) can be defined as "Follow-up of service level agreements and ensuring that all service management processes, operational level agreements and the underlying contracts are appropriate for the agreed service level goals. . SLM monitors and reports at the service level and regularly saves customer reviews.

Monitor IT server level level agreements (SLAs) and manage IT as a company.
The SLA management software ManageEngine® Applications Manager monitors the availability and performance of your business-critical business applications and ensures that you get more business value through better IT and better IT process management. The enormous support in monitoring a diverse infrastructure can enable you and your customers to concentrate on the functions that are essential for your company and at the same time provide you with valuable information in IT to ensure that you are the end user of your company. Your business critical applications are happy.

The ManageEngine application manager provides excellent support for monitoring various applications, databases, websites, web applications, mail servers and other corporate IT services.

To ensure the high availability of business-critical business applications, companies take a structured approach with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. ManageEngine® Applications Manager's SLA monitoring tool extends support for ITIL service delivery processes and best practices, helps you meet service level agreements (SLAs) for business applications, and provides out-of-the-box performance reports for use in capacity planning and efficient Use of IT resources. .

The business benefits of the SLA management process:
Holistic view of your business applications
The SLA management system gives you better insight into meeting customer requirements
Support for industry best practices
Standards-based approach to IT resource management
Improved employee productivity
Agentless monitoring ensures low maintenance costs
Lower total cost of ownership and high ROI
Our Features section tells you how we can help you take control of your business applications and core infrastructure. Or download the software now!

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