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This was one of the few books that I was extremely excited to read, and dreading to open at the very same time. Of course as a Harry Potter fan I simply had to know what happened next, but at the same time I knew this was the final book. The end. The conclusion. I wouldn't be able to experience that feeling of excitement waiting for anymore Harry Potter books. That was kind of sad really, I mean ever since I was like 9 I had been in love with these books. Anticipating the next one had just been a routine for me. It feels weird not wondering what will happen next year at Hogwarts..because there isn't a next year. This isn't so much a review as my reflection on the book and feelings.. In case you missed that big writing at the top of my blog, I am going to discuss the plot and wreck the entire book for those who havent got to enjoy it yet. So, if you haven't read it..STOP READING THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW Finger

JK's Writing..
What I like most about her writing is the fact that she doesn't use some far fetched elaborate words that we'd need a dictionary to understand, she lets her creativity show and makes up her own words. And you don't forget them, like in some books. You truely think of them as real words. If someone asked me to define Quidditch, I wouldn't say Oh, thats a word JK made up for a story, I would say Its a wizard game played on broomsticks. They become part of your vocabulary.
I also like how her books have grown along with her readers. I started out reading them when I was younger, and Im still more than interested 6 years later.I think thats the problem with alot of novels with multiple parts, they make their character grow too fast. Or their characters don't grow at all.Having a year per book, with a year in between each release was excellent spacing.
What I admire most about her writing is her ability to create emotion. Not just set a mood within a book, but within the reader. When you watch a movie, its extremely easy to fall into the plot, but with a book you have no visual aid. Just words, and you have to be able to create images from those words. JK makes that so easy, so easy in fact that you get more than just images. You fall into the book, almost as if you're standing by watching it happen. I know the scene in the novel where Harry is getting to look through all Snape's memories really got to me. I remember all the hate and dislike I had felt for him in the other books, then to find out how in love he was with Lily.. I felt remorseful for a fictional character. And when Fred dies, I felt emotions without her having to write anything. I could already imagine what the Weasly's grief would be like because she had created such a warm, loving, family vibe with their characters. Really, reading through scenes at the burrow made you feel as if you were part of the Weasly clan. To have the writing talent to create that much feeling within someone is truely amazing. No other book I've read has been so captivating and I have never been so attatched to other characters. I feel the need to defend those characters too, whenever people insult the books, I swear its like at times I forget its only a story..

My Thoughts on a few characters..
Ron- When he left Harry and Hermione..I was so shocked. I understand why he did; Harry can be a pain in the ass. He isolates himself and it can be difficult to convince people like that to let you help them. But I always pictured Hermione being the one to walk out (for a little bit at least) She comes off as insecure to me, and I always thought she would take one of Harry's "I should be the one to do this, not you" comments too personally and feel unwanted. But I never thought Ron would do it..it seems to cowardly for him. He may be terrified of spiders..but he has always come across to me as brave. I don't think of him as a coward now or anything, but I dont see him the same either. I think alot of this book made characters seem more like humans than infallible characters.

Snape- I'll be perfectly honest, I have never liked Snape. And I still don't like him, however I certainly respect him now.After finding out that Snape killed Dumbledore to spare a young boy the grief..wow. And he had been risking his life for a boy he didn't even like because he had such a strong, intense love for his mother...wow again. I mean really, if Voldemort had found out that Snape had been relaying information to Dumbledore, I can imagine the death he would have been given by Voldemort would have been painful to say the least. He deserves respect, however that doesn't change the fact that he was a bully before, so I still have alot of trouble liking him.

Dumbledore- I never thought deceptive would be a word to describe Albus Dumbledore. I could understand him having a shady past, no one is flawless. However, he lied to Harry! "Oh yeah, you have to kill Voldemort" when the whole time he knew that they both must die. It isn't like Harry was self centered or anything, when he found out what had to happen he was down with it and practically ran to meet his death, because he cared about other people. Now, whenever I go back and read the old books and Dumbledore is appearing to be so perfect, the only thing Im going to be thinking is "You big fat jerk, that boy has put so much trust into you and you're leading him on".Smiley

Voldemort- There were many deaths in the Harry Potter series I was disappointed with....and his was one of them. Honestly, his death upset me more than any other. I was sad to see him die. That probably sounds sadistic and demented, but its true.Voldemort dying makes the end of the series so final. Even if she were to write another book or something, it wouldn't be the same as the others. Voledmort is what made the books worth reading. His evil actions are what caused all of the other characters to shine through and show their true colors. Without him, Harry might not have ever shown his true potential, nor would Ron or Hermione. Honestly, he was just misunderstood when he was younger. Thats certianly no excuse for the things he did, but I can't help but feel sympathy towards him in some ways.

The Epilouge
I thought that this was a suitable environment for them to be in 19 years from now. Having families, living happily. Thats all wonderful, but I don't think she should have included it in the book. I don't want to know where they are at 19 years from now, I want to read more books and experience those 19 years along with them. I can understand her not wanting to write more books, it had to end eventually. But I think it would have been better to let the readers wonder. I mean...
"There is this boy named Harry who is involved in an epic fight with a dark wizard.."
*7 years later*
"Harry Wins!"
Thats no fun! You need all the details! I want to know how life was for Teddy growing up with his parents gone, I want to know what Harry, Ron and Hermione did with their lives in detail, not 1 sentence answers from an interview. What can I say, I'm 100% addicted to harry potter. Now Im going to have to go cold turkey with no new information. Im a junkie without any krak Cassie

randomFinal Thoughts on the Novel
It was excellent, creative and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't have expected a more perfect final chapter in this unforgetable saga. It was a realistic ending too (yes, stories about witches and wizards can be realistic). It had the element of suspense, you knew that it was possible for anyone to die, and if there ever was a villian like Voldemort, that would be the circumstances. No one is safe.
I was watching an interview with JK and she said that alot of the characters were shaped by their views of death, and I totally agree with her. That was never really something I thought about before. Voldemort is simply terrified of death, and does anything to avoid it with no moral sense of mercy for those unlucky people who end up in his way. Harry on the other hand stuggles with the deaths of others, quite frequently, yet he is able to face it fearlessly to protect people he loves. Two extremes.Mix that with an imaginative tale like no other, strong, developed characters, along with a little magic and that is what makes an extraordinary novel.
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