The Chaser's War On Everything

If you're Australian, chances are you know this show.

And chances are, like me, you think it absolutely pwns.

Now,The Chaser's War on Everything is exactly that. A war on everything. Basically, the show attacks issues affecting politics, media as well as the general public. It's also a form of social commentary.

The 'team' is made up of 5 brilliant men:
- Andrew Hansen
- Chas Licciardello
- Julian Morrow
- Craig Reucassel
- Chris Taylor

The TV show has three seasons - all of which are incredibly funny. However, they are often known to cause controversy through their daring stunts to poke fun at society.

There are several segments to the show. One is 'What have we learnt from Current Affairs this Week?', a segment dedicated to seemingly stupid and pointless stories held on trashy affair shows.

There is also 'Firth in the USA', where Charles Firth, who is now resident in the US, mocks unusual issues or questions the general public about current topics in the news.

In a way, it is hard to explain what the Chaser actually is. All in all, it is an excellent show, and I would encourage all of you to watch it via Youtube, TV or the DVDs. You can download podcasts of the show from here.

Now, to leave you with a few personal favourites of mine from various episodes.

The Doctor Who song.

The Chaser's Andrew Hansen makes his joke song about a Doctor Who nerd's troubles in life. Scarily true... for some people. Shifty

The Ad Road Test: Riva Coffee

This is a segment of the show where the team tests an ad to see if it would actually work in real life. Here, they copy the ad for Riva coffee in a supermarket - complete with the proper choreography.

The Trojan Horse

Now, surely we've all heard of the Trojan Horse. Here the team test to see if they were to tow a model Trojan Horse, how easy it would be to get into some important buildings.

Hope you enjoyed that all. :]
Posted on August 10th, 2007 at 09:07am


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