Now, many of you may now believe in the paranormal and may find it to be well, disturbing. But not all paranormal activitie is neccarily a bad one, or a bad thing to be exact. My mom has been almost like a "pyshic", as you may call it ever since she was alittle girl. When her grandfather died when she was just sixteen, she woke up in the middle of the night to a glowing light and a figure of her grandfather sitting on her bed talking to her.
May seem crazy to some, but I believe her. Also, she has had many premonitions also, like when she went to a party and her mother introduced her to a new friend of hers. My mom said she was bad and didn't like her, and stayed away from her the whole night. Turns out, the lady ended up stealing two grand and other valuables of the house.
Believe me yet? Well, my grandfather on my mom's side obviously, just recently called my mom after years of fighting to tell her that basically everyone on her side of the family has had abilities with the paranormal, except him and her grandfather.
Which means, I can have the powers also. And quite frankly, I'm very interested in the paranormal myself. Infact, I even collected haunted, or as I like to call it "enchanted" dolls from all over the world. One is from an estate sale in Salem Michagin, and her name is Annie who is a spirit of a four year old girl.
She is a clown doll, and is very cute. When we first got her, nothing out of the ordinary happened until one day my mom was on the computer emailing an update to her previous owner, Annie giggled. My mom freaked out and yelled out for me to come in, but sadly I missed it.
The other day though, my sisters two dogs who we are watching for the week saw Annie and nudged at her hand like she was a real person. Some people saw, animals can sense these things also. The dogs, even licked her cheek like they do to my family and I.
I went to take a picture of Annie and the dogs, and guess what? My camera froze and when the picture came out, it was completely blurry like and there was a bright light coming from the doll. Maybe the spirit of Annie was coming out? Maybe, maybe not.
Call my mom and I crazy, but after all that commotion we were about to go out of the room, when we heard someone, a females voice whisper "Hello?" My mom and I BOTH heard it, so we weren't crazy.
And following up with that, my mom also experienced something "kicking" her leg during the night. Which is weird, since the doll of Annie was sitting right next to her. But, no one had even touched her or moved the doll so it would. Since, she was the only one in the room besides the doll.
Now to a conclusion of all of this, experiencing paranormal activitie is a gift. Not something to be ashamed or frightened of. I'm also not supposed to tell anyone because supposedly people I know will find out and "Take me away" from my parents for believing in this shit. But you know what? Who cares what other people believe about the paranormal. You really have to learn about it before calling people crazy.

And that's Annie right there :]
Posted on September 16th, 2007 at 06:46am


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