Kurt Cobain

Nirvana is one of my favorite bands. Every time I listen to All Apologies, I feel bad that Kurt didn't get to live longer. And I feel so sorry for his daughter, Frances, that she never got to know her father. She only hears what her basket case of a mother and the media says. Courtney Love is f*cking psychotic. She never really mourned, she bashed him. Called him a coward, a bastard, said she hopes he rots in hell. The media says he "killed" all those kids. Shut the f*ck up! They saw him as the only person who understood them. Their voice. Then he goes and supposedly kills himself. I don't believe that Kurt killed himself. If you ever read up on it, you'll find out that the level of heroin in his bloodstream was way above lethal. I know that if you use heroin enough, that you build up a tolerance somewhat. But even someone who's used for decades can only take so much. All it takes is a hot dose. He would have passed out before he could aim the gun. I mean, they're (the Seattle Police Department) trying to say that he shot up, put his kit away neatly, loaded the gun, wiped the shotgun and the ammo box clean, then aimed and fired. Not only is it impossible to inject that much and do all that stuff neatly, why would he wipe off his fingerprints? And, the room he died in has doors that can only be locked from the outside. Meaning he could not have done locked them. Oh, and he wiped his fingerprints off the suicide note. There are two handwriting experts that said there are four lines of the note that aren't consistent with the writing on the rest of it. Take away these lines, and the "suicide" note begins to sound more like a resignation from the music industry or maybe just Geffen Records. These lines were added to make it look like a suicide note. And another thing. When the SPD found Kurt's body, his wallet was propped up on his body, as if to identify him. A credit card was missing. Two days before he was found, someone attempted to use that card to buy $40 worth of flowers but the card was denied. Who would want Kurt dead you ask? For one thing, Courtney. He had told friends he wanted to divorce her. On one occasion, Courtney said Kurt had gone missing. The SPD checked their vacay house of sorts, and found Kurt who said he was hiding from her. A while before he died, he had made a will that would write Courtney out. And we all know about how he purchased the shotgun.Technically, his friend bought it for him, because the SPD took his other guns because Courtney said she was afraid he might get crazy during one of their fights. Kurt's reason was that he was a bit of a wimp and that if there was a break-in, he would not be able to defend himself. That's why there were several bullets in the gun. How many bullets does it take to kill yourself? I'm not saying that Courtney shot him, but I know that she played a big role in it. Several days after they found Kurt's body, a guy who called himself El Duce (stage name) comes out and says Courtney offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt. He thought she was just "being Courtney" but when he heard about Kurt, he got scared. Then 2 weeks or so later, he "falls" off a station platform and in front of a train. He dies of course. Then a girl named Kirsten who was the bassist for Courtney's band Hole says she can't stand Seattle and all the drugs and is deciding to leave and go back home to the Great Lakes area. This is right when Hole is about to make it big. Needless to say, Courtney's pissed. She tells her male guitarist (who some say she was knocking boots with) that Kirsten is gonna be sorry. Kirsten is found in an empty bathtub in her apartment, surrounded by drug paraphernalia, dead. Why would she kill herself when she was ready to leave the next day? Why would she use what she was trying to get away from? I can't say that Courtney wacked all these people, but they all had some connection to her. These certainly weren't random killings, nor attempts to frame Courtney. It's too bad Kurt can't tell us the truth.

"Load up on guns and bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend"
Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana
Posted on October 31st, 2007 at 01:51am


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