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GSB awards are a really nice way to recognize the various contributions people make to GSB, especially the best mod award. However, to be honest, no one mod deserves that award by themselves, because we all work together. It seems the same mods tend to win it over and over again, and I think that might be because some people just don't know much about the other moderators, so I have decided to enlighten you on all the wonderful things they do Smiley

Billie's Willie! = Well, seeing as how Des is the current holder of the best mod award, alot of people obviously know that she rocks. You can always find her lurking around the board, making sure that everything is running smoothly, and she is so willing to help anyone who needs it. She is quite possibly one of the nicest, most friendly people on this entire website, and anyone who doesn't know her is missing out on a rad person. Did I mention she has an amazing cat named Addie? Im kind of in love with her.

Boobmeister = Hannah is nuts, in all the right ways. It would be fairly impossible to talk in the thinking thread with her and not have fun. And she is one of the few people left on this site who actually likes Green Day. Amazing! Hannah takes her mod job super seriously and always does a good job. She would always do everything she could to help out with GSB and she loves Keira Knightley ~~

Cecilia = Cecilia wins at life, to be quite honest. You see This lovely section of the site? Well we can all thank Cecilia for that. I seriously can't even imagine how much effort she had to put into that. She also worked on the discography too, and she still finds time to moderate. Cecilia is quite resourceful, as you can see. And she can teach you how to say dirty words in French, that's always a good thing.

For all the information on Cecilia you could ever want, read THIS.

chump = Chump is like a mighty GSB dinosaur Cassie She has been chilling on GSB since 2004, for over 3 years now, which is like ancient history for GSB. Chump is amazingly nice and if any gsbian ever needed help with anything, she would be more than happy to help, and she keeps busy on the boards moderating (of course) and frequenting the German forum. If you don't know her, you really might want to consider changing that. =]

iamkiller = MOOSE! Holy cow I don't even know where to start with all of the things Moose has done for GSB. Well, remember the photo gallery we had before the server crashed? All those 948092369-27 pictures, Moose did that. Added search tags, entered information about them; thank Moose for that. The video section on the site? Also some of the work of Moose. And last but not least, 99% of the news on GSB tends to come from Moose. Even with school and everything she has going on, she still makes time to help out with GSB and assist all of GSB's users. Shes super Smiley

Kurtni = tehe

Misery Business = Aleckz is the only male mod on GSB, which makes him special, obviously! Aleckz is an amazing friend, and so much fun to talk to. He's goofy and I love it =] Not to mention he adores GSB. He's been pretty preoccupied and busy with other things lately, but rest assured, any time that he does get to spend on GSB is spent moderating and doing whatever needs to be done to help other users. He's just rad like that.

sampalletband = Michelle wins at life, no questions asked. She is quite possibly the single most helpful user on this site. Not with just GSB stuff either, she has saved my ipod numerous times. And she'd do that for anyone, which is what makes her so great. If you happen to glance through her posts, you'll notice the majority of them fall into two categories: Story related, or answering questions, usually in the MP3/video forum. Her GSB existence revolves around helping people. If you ever need anything, she is a great moderator to go to.

vonny = Vonny is pretty rad, as I'm sure you know if you've ever even spent 5 minutes talking to her. She's smart, funny, nice, entertaining; I could continue this list on for quite some time but I think I'd need a seperate blog just for that. Vonny is an outstanding moderator, if she isn't welcoming newbies to the site, she's helping the users we already have with anything they might need.

SO! Hopefully you learned something about GSB's moderators you might not have known before. I really can't say enough about all of them, they're so wonderful and amazing and I'm lucky to get to "work" with them. There is a reason GSB is such an amazing site, you can thank them. (along with Dujo and Josipa, obviously File)
Posted on December 23rd, 2007 at 02:32am


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