My band will need your help July 26th

You see,
my band is trying to get one of three slots to open for Linkin Park in Rock the Revolution (denver).

We sent in an entry.
and the way we win is we need people to vote for us.
So mark it on your calendars and
starting July 26th go to

and vote for Number Over Zero

over and over and over again.
because we really need this to get to where we want to be,

I wrote a new song.
here are the lyrics
please dont steal.

verse 1
She falls head over heels in love when the wind blows
and he just wants to get inside her head and everyone knows
but she refuses to believe that he;s not the one
oh no he's not the one
She stays up late and thinks about him every night
while he's out with all his friends having the time of his life
and he goes to bed with a clear head cause he knows she;s not the one
and she'll never be the one

stop dreaming about what might've been
and open your eyes

cause the pain inside
is killing her, killing her softly
someone please suck out the poison
and hold her back
from whatever she thinks she must
and get him. get him
out of her head

verse 2
She hold onto everything, hoping its real
and he gets with whatever he can but doesnt really feel
and he knows as far as love goes
he wont find the one
no there'll never be a one.

and thats all i have so far. Very HappyDD
and i need to redo the guitar part cause its boring.
but soon it;ll be recorded and played at our shows.
:d if you live in the Denver are lemme know.
Posted on June 23rd, 2008 at 12:22am


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