Travis Barker Injured In Plane Crash

Travis Barker, former Blink 182 drummer, is currently being treated for injuries following a plane crash in South Carolina, US.

Travis Barker, the well known former drummer for ‘pop-punk’ trio Blink 182, is currently in hospital following a Learjet 60 plane crash in South Carolina that has killed four people.

A spokesperson for the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] told reporters that the plane, during an attempt at take off at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, veered off the runway and onto a near by road. Air traffic controllers had allegedly seen sparks coming out of the small passenger jet as it took off, but the source of the problem has not been formally identified.

It has been reported that the plane never took off; instead it hit runway lights, crashed through a boundary fence, crossed the SC 302 before finally stopping upon an embankment on the far side of the highway. The two survivors managed to escape the wreckage as the first response team hit the scene.

Travis Barker is possibly best known for his drumming within Blink 182 and +44, but not being a two trick pony, he has been active with many bands and associates since 1994 when his professional career began.

Both Barker and US DJ Adam Goldstein [DJ AM], who perform under the group name ‘TRVSDJ-AM’ are currently being treated for burns but it has not been released just how serious the extent of the injuries are, yet a spokesperson for the hospital in Augusta, Georgia, where both men are being treated has informed the public that they are both in ‘critical conditions’. Other released information suggests that Barker has been burnt from the waist down, yet is expected to survive while Goldstein is suffering burns to the face.

Joseph M. Still Burn Center, where both survivors are recovering, is a large medical burn facility located in Georgia, currently serving as the primary burn care hospital in the South East of the United States, with more than 2000 people annually admitted to the 59 bed hospital each year.

Out of the six people onboard, Barker and Goldstein were the only two to survive as the plane came to a rest upon an embankment; Pilot Sarah Lemmon and her co-pilot James Bland were killed along side two employees of Barker, his person assistant, Chris Baker and Charles Still, a security guard.

No one upon the ground was injured.

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Posted on September 20th, 2008 at 02:31pm


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