Green Day Song Misunderstandings

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September 13th, 2005 at 10:02pm
Homecoming:In the summer heat
Me: On the Summer's Eve
I <3 my Captain
I <3 my Captain
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September 13th, 2005 at 10:09pm
Real:In my own private suicide
Me:It's my private sinner inside
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September 14th, 2005 at 12:43am
ain't that the truth Whatsername?

I have more, I just got cut off from last time

Poprcocks and Coke:
"I will Dare, Keep in Mind"
I will tear to keep in mind

"Slippin' Away to Paradise"
Shlimpin' Away to Paradise (I actually thought "Shlimping"
"I'm So Damn Bored I'm Goin' Blind"
I'm so Damn bored I'm Glued in Blinds

Welcome to Paradise
"I wanna take you through a wasteland I like to call my own"
I wanna take poo a wasteland that I can call my own

Basket Case
"So Quit my whining cuz it's bringing her down"
"So Quit my work and look it's bringing her down"

When I come Around
"I'm just roamin' for the Moment"
"I feel mopin' at the moment"
"Sleazin' My Back Yard So Don't Get So Uptight"
Sneezin' by like Nothing's Happened Yet

"Are you Feeling like a Social Tool Without a Use"
Are you feeling like a shoo shoo dog without better Use
"I'm Taking Heed Just for You"
"I'll Take it In just for You" ~I like this one better Very Happy

"Now I see I'm mortal too"
Now I see I'm a model too
"So I give, and I'm still Givin'
So I give, upset Give In..

Geek Stink Breath
"And I'm Pickin' Scabs off my Face"
"And I'm peelin' scabs off my piss" ~Didn't make sense to me for a LONG time
"Wish in one Hand Shit in the Other"
Wish you wouldn't shit in the other end
"See which one gets filled First"
"See which one gets smelled first"

"No Rest for Crosstops In my Mind"
No Rest for Cryingstops in my Mind

~The whole thing's a blur to me~

Walking Contradiction
"My Wallet's Fat and so is my Head"
My Wallet's bad and so is my Head"
"I have No belief, but I believe I'm a"
I have no belief, but unbelievably I'm a"
"I beg to differ on the Contrary"
I beg to give her on the Countryly

Stuck with Me
"Class Structures, Wavy Colors Bleeding from my Throat"
Crashed Structures, Wavy Colors Braiding from my Phone
"Not Subsurviant To You I'm just Alright"
I'm a surffa into you and I'll be alright

Hitchin a Ride (This one gave me SERIOUS problems
"Need A lift to Happy Hour"
Need A lift till Happy Hour
"Say Oh No"
Say Oh Ho!
"Tonight I'm eating Crow"
Ton not a needing Coe
"Fermented Saminla Poisoned Oak No
A meant for Saminila say a 'Low Crow'
"I'm off the wagon and I'm Hitchin' a Ride"
A Bombs away and now I'm hittin' Generade
"And now I'm dehydratin'"
Empty and Drainin'
(And at the end where Mike is saying...something and BJ is saying "Hitchin a Ride! Hitchin a Ride!" I thought they were saing "Bombs Away...Hittin' a Ride" So for the longest of time I thought this song was about a Nucular Holocust...)

Good Riddance
"Tattoos of Memories"
Take Tears of Memories
"And Dead Skin on Trial"
And Askin' on Trial:

"Content with the Same Old Shtick Again"
Contending the same Old Stick Again
"Now the Routine's Turning to Contention"
Now Looting's Turning to Contention
Glory and Grabs

Nice Guys Finish Last
"Pressure Cooker Pick My Brain and Tell me I'm Insane"
Freshed Up Tucker Pick my Brain and Tell me I'm insane

"Unsong against the Mole"
A song Against the Mold

"Caution! Police Line"
Gosh! I'm a Police Line!
"Is the Cop or am I"
It's a Cop a remind a what

"I can Almost Embrace this Feeling"
"I can not taste this feeling"

Macy's Day Parade
"Econamy Size Dreams of Hope"
It's gunna me our dreams of Hope

Whoo, that was long. As you can tell, when I first listened to "International Superhits" I was really screwed up and had no idea what the hell I was hearing.
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September 14th, 2005 at 03:24am
oh.. so it's "Unsung Against The Mold"...
in Minority....shit..
I've always thought it is
"A song against 'em all"..
But when you wrote it I hade to check it up.. and..
I've been singing it wrong all the time...
well well...
And it's one of my favourite songs too..
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September 14th, 2005 at 10:34am
in geek stink brath insted of wish in one hand ans shit in the other, i thoight it was: would you wanna shit in the other and

a lot of what october mentioned.. i reallt thought was true.. lmfao but i know better now
High On Life
High On Life
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September 14th, 2005 at 10:40am
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September 14th, 2005 at 01:35pm
Bordem has driven to insanity of wanting to write down more.
(Even though now I know what the songs are saying, I keep on forgetting and I get fucked up and lost, so writing this has kinda helped me out)
*Awesome Song

"My head is spinning underneath my Puke"
My Order's spending underneath my puke
"And feeling like a salad in my puke"
Spillin' My good time under my puke

"And otherwise Ingrate"
Another Wise Ingrate

You Lied*
"Pinnocio has pierced your Tounge"
Can I will be your special tounge

**YES! The very first Green Day song that I knew all of!**

Don't Wanna Fall in Love
"This May sound a little-"
This maze ounds a little"

Oh yeah, tough song. Rolling Eyes This song rocks anyway.

I wanna be on TV
"Wanna be on Solid Gold"
Wanna go on Star Wars
"Started out in 54"
Stupid year; 54
"On a Magazine"
Blahblah, magazine
"Gonna Have some Free Cocaine"
Gunna answer the cocoaine

"Shinning a grin and a brand new life"
Shitting agree in a brand new life
"From the Wear of Sin" this actually the right lyrics?
But from where I'm Sittin'~this makes more sense to me...

Tired of Waiting for You
**It's hard to make a mistake when it's a short slow song**

Sick of Me
"To your Lies"
Through your Lies
"Wanderin' Out the Door"
One without the door
"Loss of Health"
Lost in love
"Do you have a reason
Do you have a raisen

"Whisper are you dying in my Ear"
Whisper are you dying in my head
"Tumors in My Head"
Too much in my Head
"20 Pounds of Trust"
Two thousand Trusts
(For the longest time I thought this song was about a guy who had some kind of brain disease that was killing him from the inside)

Doo Da Da
"Advancing my Frusterations"
Vince's my Frustration!
"Rushings of my depression"
"Hand up your soul to my wrist
And I'll vow my trust to you
Moving here I always thought
I realized you've imagined"
I had no idea in hell what the fuck Billie was talking about in this entire verse until just today. i had just thought he was making...weird noises

On the Wagon
"Twice the size of my one inch mind"
Twice the size of my one inch mouth
"Turn me right around"
Turn me round-around

Ha Ha You're Dead*
"Look how things have Gotten"
Look at all the things I've gotten

I didn't have too much trouble with this.
Oh, forgot; I used the lyrics from's database.
Thanks whoever took their time to write all that down.
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Buckfast Wine.
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September 14th, 2005 at 01:37pm

I got it

Yay! *hugs* this is going off topic fast.

Yeah I just remembered another one I had in Homecoming...

Right Lyrics- "Bringing Gifts, and trust..."

And used to think it was "Gifts and drugs" lol

It's Trust?



I think it's better "Drugs" personally...

I agree lol...I sing it that way anyways because I'm a weirdo lol

I thought it was drugs until I read this...
Because my American Idiot is burned
I dont actually have the actual CD lol
Buckfast Wine.
Falling In Love With The Board
Buckfast Wine.
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September 14th, 2005 at 01:38pm
In SHe I thought it was
"Im taking head just for you"
Shoot Me, I'm A Newbie
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September 14th, 2005 at 06:19pm

"Started out in 54"
Stupid year; 54

Would you call me an asshole if I pointed out the actual lyric is "studio 54"?

Although it's not like I haven't misheard parts of that song. I thought "Then the world will be all mine" was "Then the world will be alright".

I'll do some more:
I was listening to a live version of Hitchin' a Ride and it sounded like Billie sang "Do you break for dipshit spirits".

In When I Come Around I thought he sang "Seems I've gone off on a tangent" instead of "Sleazing my backyard so don't get..."
Pretty and Demented
Pretty and Demented
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September 14th, 2005 at 06:39pm
OMG October, I cant remember the last time I laughed so much. Some of those misheard lyrics are priceless!
When I first heard hitchin a ride, I thought Billie was saying 'Romantic salmonella, poison oak, no' and I was like wtf?
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September 14th, 2005 at 07:16pm
Buckfast Wine.
Falling In Love With The Board
Buckfast Wine.
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September 15th, 2005 at 12:43pm
Mine im bored so I shall write them all lmfao

Give Me Novocaine
"Jimmy said its better than your hair" -- "better than air"

"Please call me only if you are in a hole" --- "comin home"
"This sympathy ate the last of the dope" -- *still cant be arsed looking up the real words lmfao*
"Bearing gifts & drugs" -- "trust"
"After tens cups of coffee im baking" -- "im thinkin"

"I cannot sleep, ive lost my toys" -- "i cannot speak, ive lost my voice"

Nice Guys Finish Last
"every chick can have its truth" -- "joke"

Macys Days Parade
"Now im thinkin bout a brand new Pope" -- "hope" lolol

Westbound Sign
"shes turning into daylight petrol" "shes burnin daylight & petrol"

"Do keep your trammers off the dashboard" *whatever trammers might be* -- "two tequila slammers on"

When I Come Around
"Jimmy said you were that someone" -- "youve been searchin for that someone"

Tight Wad Hill
"tuesday on the hill" -- "cheapskate"

"im taking head just for you" -- "heed"
King For A Couple Of Days
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September 15th, 2005 at 02:44pm
lmfao i like them, and i can easily understand how you misunderstood them, the she one i used to think too
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September 15th, 2005 at 06:36pm
Just call me 80:
OMG October, I cant remember the last time I laughed so much. Some of those misheard lyrics are priceless!
When I first heard hitchin a ride, I thought Billie was saying 'Romantic salmonella, poison oak, no' and I was like wtf?

Very Happy T'anks
Isn't it great that Green Day writes these insane lyrics for us to all scratch our brains about?
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September 16th, 2005 at 04:19am
they do write insane stuff but thats why i love it.
Jimmy's Kid
Jimmy's Kid
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September 16th, 2005 at 07:10pm
Smart Ass Playing Dumb:
Well u can post what u thought the songs were saying or what some sound like.

I thought in nice guys finish last was When you are the outkast instead of when u run out of gas lol.


i thought it was 'ur so full of crap, u just might break ur spine' instead of 'dont pat urself on the back' dont know why, but it was funny
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September 17th, 2005 at 06:11am
Hitchin' a ride: My tongue is swelling up, I say shag
Nobody likes you: after 10 cups of coffee and bacon
The death of jimmy: bearing gifts and drugs
Redundant: Now I waste it, fainted
When I come around: And dry your wooden eyes
When I come around: So don't you watch your Mike *i don't have a clue what that means*
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September 17th, 2005 at 06:45am
In Jaded, it's 'going straight will get you nowhere' I always thought 'going psycho gets you nowhere' Rolling Eyes

I still don't know all the words to Jaded.. it's too fast.. plus I don't own Insomniac

And on jackass I thought 'to love you is to hate you so loving you must be like suicide' but it's 'to know you is to hate you so loving you must be like suicide' I just figured that out after I got warning...
Buckfast Wine.
Falling In Love With The Board
Buckfast Wine.
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September 17th, 2005 at 08:28am
That bit in Walking Contradiction
"call it as i see it even if i was born deaf blind & dumb"
That used to be a blur to me i'm like whaaaaaaaa?!?!