Dayton, OH Ervin J. Nutter Center, October 16th, 2005

I got to the concert at about 6:30, and let me tell you, it was amazing!! I had front row tickets for the floor area and I was expossed to take a friend, but I actually lied to her an said I didn't go, (but I did go) and (I'm at a loss for words)...

There was this big "BOOM" caused by Tre Cool, I enjoyed it for some strange reason, thinking it was funny, while the opening band played, the boom scared the living crap out of the band and the crowd at the same time, then after the opening band played, a pink, drunk bunny came out, did an "act" and after that Green Day finally came out, with the beginning song American Idiot (A PERSONAL FAVORITE OF MINE) and front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, announced that they were going to do something very speacial, somthing they've done only a few times before, PLAY THE WHOLE AMERICAN IDIOT ALBUM FROM FRONT TO

One thing I don't understand is when Billie Joe said he would remember that night for the rest of his life and promised they'd be back and a great amount of their fans were in Ohio, it's Ohio, I just don't get, it brought tears to my eyse....

But, if you think that's enough, it's not, the thing I really enjoyed is when Billie Joe kept dropping his pants....;-)

I still can't believe I got to go and see Green Day live in person, a band that inspired my band, the band me and my band have SOO MUCH in common, a band that gives me the courage to just get up and say, SCREW AMERICA!!!! A band thatis just my life!!


So remember kids, if you haven"t been to a Green Day concert, go to one, and if you already seen one go seem them again, because it's.... Green Day!!!!!

Rock On!!!!

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