Dayton, OH Ervin J. Nutter Center, October 16th, 2005

Well, it's Feburary 12th and I was thinking "What the crap?" But anyway, I went to the Green Day concert on October 17, 2005. It was my most favoriite concert!! Now I know it's weird but I statred liking Green Day when Boulevard Of Broken Dreams came out.

Then I got their album and I was madly in love with them. So we were going over to the E.J. Nutter Center and I was ssoo excited and I was really excited for school to be over (it was a Monday. That stinks!).

We got there around 6:30 and my brother got a digital camera and we got a disposible camera (just in case). So we were waiting in line (it was so long). So we seen the guy that was doing the metal detector thing and my dad went to the car to put the digital camera away and then they caught us with the disposible camera.

ANYWAY, we got in there and we got our seat. There was a band playing before us and I wanted to get a tee so I got the pink one. I didn't care about the band that was playing.

So the show was about to start when a drunk pink bunny came out. At first I thought it was Billie Joe. It was humping the floor and everything and drinking beer and I was lmao! So then the Star War theme song was playing and I got super excited.

The the band started rushing in and I couldn't believe it! I was about to cry. Then Billie Joe stood up and was getting ready to play American Idiot. As soon as the band joined in, I was rocking out. I was screaming and singing and screaming and singing as loud as I could. Then Billie Joe told us that this night was going to be remembered and that they were gonna do something they never did before: play the whole album!!

So there was all this confetti and fireworks and it was just ssoo much fun!! I took pictures with my phone and I screamed some more. When they played Wake Me Up When September Ends, I felt like they connected to me. Like I actually felt something.

In between Billie did the "heeeyyy hoooo" and I did it along with him. But then he did the longest "hey hoo" that I ever had heard and I couldn't last! So they sung We are the Champions and I was like "Cool!!!" so they also had 3 people to play the guitar, the bass, and the drums from the audience.

There was a guy that played the dums and he wowed everybody. Tre took a picture with him. Then there was a girl that played the bass and Mike kept whispering in her ear. The a girl played Billie Joe's giutar and got to keep it! I was thinking "She is sooo frickin' lucky!!" So I loved it. Oh, Billie Joe kept mooning the audience (ohh la la ;) and it was my most favorite concert in my 12 year.

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