Dayton, OH Ervin J. Nutter Center, October 16th, 2005

"The Hardest Part About Starting One Of These Is Starting One Of These So..."

...First of all, I should ask myself, "Why in the heck am I writing this SO late?"
I mean, the concert was on the 17th of OCTOBER and now it's the 8th of JANUARY... JEEZY!! Okay, back to the concert....

Well, anyways, me and my band went to the Green Day concert and we got there at about 5:00 and it was already jammed packed... My bassist, Ryan, was talking about voltures when we arrived there, he was going on about the name volture, that it was like. Turkey Volture. (Ryan can be VERY annoying. AND i just have to say it: Ryan's full name is Ryan Michael P. and Mike Dirnt's is Michael Ryan D. Used to be P. SO WIERD. And our drummer's name is Jon. OKAY, I'm going off subject here).

The sign said "Green Day Tonight!!!!!!Tickets Are Availible!!!" Just driving up there in our van staring at that sign is just so - SCREW IT!

We got to be right on the floor, right on front of the stage!!!! OH MY GOD.. It was Green Day! How cool could it get? the opening band was playing (And I'd rather not go there because you can see how I RUN MY MOUTH :-) Okay. The Star Wars theme came on and then they dropped into the first chords of American Idiot (one of my personal favorites because I hate America. AND FINALLY a band with enough guts to tell Goerge Buch just to F**K OFF and F**K AMERICA!!!!)

Billie Joe Armstrong announced that they were going to play the whole album that night, something very speacial they haven't done for months - THANK THE LORD - I almost passed out. Ryan and Jon were going crazy. A brunette bassist and a redhead drummer. I got so much in common with Green Day, (LITTLE SECRET: I can't play guitar worth a crap!)

What really brought tears to my eyes is when Billie Joe promised they'd be back and when he said he was going to remember that night for the rest of his life and when he kept dropping his pants. And then they brought a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist and then I thought (when the song Are We The Waiting came on, yeah Ohio is The Waiting Unknown). And espeacially when he said a great amount of fans were in OHIO!

AND HE CAME TO OHIO!!! GREEN DAY!!!!! HE kept faithful... He showed up.
And we are the faithful fans.

I still cant belive it!!!

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