Melbourne Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia, December 16th, 2005

I hope for your sake that you got to go and see at least one of GREEN DAY'S concerts. I could write about 100 pages about their concert but I ain't gonna, I will just give you the outline of the night, OK?

Tracey and I got to Telstra Dome about 6.30 PM. When we got there it was totaly packed. Anyway, we went to the level, we were ment to be on then. We had to go back to some other level to get some GD merch. We waited in line for like 2 hours. I swear, it felt like forever. Then we finally reached the front and what we wanted was sold out! It's so annoying, everything got to do with Green Day sells out fast. The only reason that is, is because Green Day are the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!

We didn't get to see the opening band. What a shame! It would have been great but anyway, we did what we had to. Then went to our seats. I think our seats were great, we were in row A. You could see then from anywhere in the dome because the screens were very big. I would have loved to go in the mosh pit but it was sold out. While we were waiting for Green Day to come on, people were throwing around beach balls and some crazy crackers blew up comdoms, they were only in the mosh pit.

BANG! Finally, the bunny came on stage. Who was the bunny? Then short time after, GREEN DAY came on. Oh, my gosh! You know how some bands sound different to their CD. Well, GREEN DAY don't. They sound the same so it can't get much better than that. I thought Billie Joe, Tre and Mike were so awesome before I've seen them live but after I've seen them live they were even awesomer than that.

As you may already know, the name of the tour was AMERICAN IDIOT.
So I bet you could guess what the first song was, can't you?

American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
Are We The waiting
St. Jimmy
Hitchin' A Ride
Brain Stew
Basket Case
King For A Day/Shout
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
And last but not least...
Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)

During the concert Billie Joe done a few crazy things such as show us a little of bis butt then do some thing rude which I won't name, um he pulled up 3 random people from the crowd, even gave someone what he was playing.

They even had flames and fire works that made the concert even hotter!

Over all if I had to rate this concert out of 100 I would give it a 100 because it was the best and I can prove that! Has anyone heard of that saying: Save the best to last? Well, that's what they've done. That's why their last concert was in Melbourne, Australia. Because we are the best and that's simply what Green Day's concert was. SO ROCK ON GREEN DAY, ROCK ON MELBOURNE!!!

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