Melbourne Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia, December 16th, 2005

September 30 2005 - I got down to Myer Chadstone to get the tickets, which I had been saving for about a year now. I wanted to get Idiot zone tickets but they were all sold out. But I was lucky enough to get any ticket. (They were in the stand, level 2) but it was still good. Ever since that day I counted the days.
Finally, the big day came. I couldn't stop moving the whole day I was so excited, but I finally got to the stadium.

It was about 6, and the place was jam packed. The merchandise line was crowded, but I pushed my way through. But after about half an hour, me and my little sister ran to our seats and caught "My Chemical Romance" and "Jimmy Eat World." I had never heard of them before but they were awesome live. The one guitarist even smashed his guitar - Who style.

Anyway, they each got about half an hour on stage and then we waited. Meanwhile they played some background music and a pink bunny came on stage and danced the YMCA dance, along with the rest of the stadium.

Eventually the stadium filled up completely, the roof opened and then they walked on stage. It was HUGE!!!! Tre Cool went to his drums, Mike had his bass and Billie Joe stood with his guitar hanging on his neck, hands by his sides and looking to the heavens. You could sense it was going to be a huge night.
Without saying a word they started American Idiot. If you put on the CD and turn it up full vollium, it sounds like that a bit, but about a million times better!!!
this is the full song list (I've noticed some reviewers left a few out but this is exact):

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Are We The Waiting
St. Jimmy
Give Me Novacaine
Hitchin' A Ride
Basket Case
King For A Day / Shout
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Green Day are incredible entertainers as well. Billie Joe just does things that may come naturally to him but are just so entertaining!!! It was great. Half way through knowledge, he calles up 3 random people from the crowd. A drummer, bassist, and guitarist. Billie Joe asked the guitarist, who's name was Chris I think, how long he'd been playing and he said 4 months. Billie said that if he can't play that he will kill him but he seemed pretty confident. They played and it sounded really good. In the end Billie asks him again if he likes the guitar and without thinking he said "Ye, it's nice." Billie Joe says well I'm giving it to you so enjoy it. They hugged and everyone cheered him off. The bass player got to do a stage dive. She went in on her stomach, but I would've gone in on my back!! much better. And the drum player-my sister and I are still wondering what happened with him, we just can't remember or we just missed it.

All throughout there was fire, smoke and fireworks. Nice touches. Another nice touch was "the representative of Australia" in the song Holiday and "Here comes the rain again falling from the stars" in Wake me up When September Ends (it actually started to rain that moment, typical Melbourne weather). And the crown in "King for a day/Shout" and many more. They got off the stage and the crowd kept screaming Green Day! Green Day...

They come out again for an encore.

I Fought The Law
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
We Are The Champions

All the songs sounded great and "We are the Champions" sounded excellent. I'm sure Freddy Mercury would have been proud. After a seemingly short encore, my sister and I were worried. We hadn't heard Time of Your life yet and we were sure he'd finish on that. They came out again though, with changed clothes for a second encore, and performed "Homecoming." Great song, and I enjoyed Tre Cool's singing. The they all ran off stage, except for Billie Joe. We knew this was the moment we had been waiting for. The Time of Your life into is so familiar and everyone was screaming so loud.

A great sing along, everyone was singing. Terrific guitaring. He didn't even look at it he's so good. Just him, his guitar and everyone singing. To me that was the best part of the concert but the saddest because after that it all ended. A great night. To all those Green Day fans who missed the show I feel your pain, because it was the best thing ever!!!! Can't wait for the next!!! Green Day, you ROCK!!!

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