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Come As You Are...


They call her by this name; Motley. Maybe you've heard of her, maybe you haven't. Either way, she likes to meet new people sometimes. So you will know her name by the end of the century, I'm sure.

Her greatest pastime is writing; writing whatever her soul contains. It's her release. It's her breath of fresh air in this world of pollutants. Her life is music, just like every other teenager across the globe. Except, she likes to think it means more...Her music is her drug, the only drug she'll say she's glad she's addicted. I guess you couldn't really call her straight-edge, could you? She likes to think of herself as one, for she's already made that desicion. Her friends are her world. They are her family, without them she doesn't know where she would be. There's this boy who holds the title as to why she gets up every morning. He is her friend, but she hopes it to turn into something more. She hopes that he knows just how much she loves him, just how greatful she is to have him in her life.

Well, hello, my name is Motley; and this is ME.

If she was to write down every random fact that popped into her head, it would look something like this:

-Loves the Zwinky ads. They makes her feel like a child again; back when she was that little girl playing dress-up with her dolls. It makes her feel like she was back when she had so much time...

-She was named after the song "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. Even though her real name is Meaghan, it didn't stop them from calling her "Meggie."

-The only reason she can't say "Hello, my name is Maggie" is because her mother felt that her daughter would be a successful business woman and Maggie didn't sound professional. Oh, how wrong she was...

-She is a kid at heart

-She is a percussionist.

-She is straight, but not homophobic

Her jukebox hero's

-My Chemical Romance
-Green Day

Those four bands have changed her, in so many different ways. One introduced her to herself, while another saved her. One taught her beauty, while another taught her acceptance. She loves these four bands. Said and done.

And if you say Goodbye today...

This is Motley. Love her or hate her. She doesn't care. But she would like for you to know that she wants to be friends with you if you gave her the [/color]chance...[/color]


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