Doctor S (The Network are making a film)

Exclusive Doctor S interview. Read it and find first all about the film.. Actually.. not all, but all you need to know before it comes out.. There are some extra information about the band in the interview..

What have The Network been upto since they released 'Money Money 2020'?
The Network are preparing for there long and extensive tour in Europe which will consit of one show.
When we see them they are always wearing the same clothes, do they have loads of the same outfit or is that the only thing they ware 24 hours a day?
You never know we are thinking of leg warmers on their faces and legs and that is all.
Any hopes for album number 2?
Yes there is an album in the works, they love to out do themselves. It will be out in one year from now. Promise!
Whats all this we hear about The Network making a film?
The film is called 'Disease Is Punishment' and will be out on Warner Brothers made by their friend John Roecker. It is the greatest movie of all time! The movie also includes the new video for teenagers from Mars that has clips from the second movie that Fink is producing called Beyond The Valley Of The Ultra Vixen Vampire Brides. I shit you not this movie and video is hot. It will be shown on MTV europe and will give you details of when it plays.. And you fuckers better request it or else.
Whats it about [storylines etc]?
The storyline is simple hot men-great songs and alot of smoke machines, lights and tape.
What will the certificate be?.... Judging by some of the videos on 'Money Money 2020' The Network are people who enjoy watching/starring in videos of an adult nature.
We will never do anything that isnt X rated. What would be the point? If they were in a Disney film the Snoo would fuck bambi!
Will there be any naked mud-wrestling or anything of that nature involved?
No but there are new wave lesbos and vampires. Just you watch it is brilliant.
Where, when & how will it be coming out? [DVD, video etc]
DVD only sorry you '80s people.
Any star appearences?
The Network are the stars who needs anyone else.. Except for my cameo.
If you had to describe this movie in one word, it would be....
What other movies have been inspiration for this one?
Triumph Of The Will Meets Schindler's List
Will any masks be taken off in the film??
No but Fink releives himself on stage and you can actually smell the urine.
Will it actually be filmed or is it animation??
It is filmed. The only animated film that is worth mentioning is Live Freaky! Die Freaky! That will be released soon (look for John Roeckers interview in the London Sunday Times either july fourth or the next sunday).. I am only giving him the shout out because only he could capture the Networks brilliance in film.
Is it true that The Network may be appearing at the Leeds & Reading festivals aswell as Green Day?
Yes. We are all happy together and will share the same bathroom. The war is over!
May The Network be supporting Green Day on any of Green Day's upcoming tours?
They wish! The Network are seeking a greener pasture.
Are The Network excited about Green Day's new album 'American Idiot'?
They are more excited about The Network record 'An American Idiot In Paris'. The Network always take it one step further.
Who are The Network most ashamed to be a fan of??
Who would you prefer to engage in sexual-intercourse with out of Avril Lavigne, me, Brody Dalle, The Snoo or a chimp?
Avril I would strangle with her necktie - you I would give you a brown bandanna - I already fucked Courtney so Broody would be a bore - The Snoo .. I would leave my creepers by his bed anytime and the chimp could throw shit at us while we fuck.
Have you or any members of the band ever used a live fish for sexual release
Don't be vulgar

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