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We. Are. Pilots.
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I'm skinny.
And extremely short.
I rant about things NO ONE cares about.
I promote bands NO ONE knows about.
I play bass.
I frequently get locked out of my house.
I LOVE music,
I am a weird kid that loves math class...
I go to a gay nerd school (don't ask). This is also the magnet school that has kids who can't count to 11. =)
I am bi.
I would really like to become a pyrotechnition and/or a producer when I am older.
I like fire.
I love my friends. They are my life.
I like caffine... Other people don't like that I like caffine.
Da cat sneezed and scawwed me.
I would really like to eat Parker right now.
*runs away*

My friends are IDIOTS.

I love Wet Brain, Scarlet Grey, and Mayday Parade. All bands that you should listen to.
I am Zero the Hero. Forever and Always.

This is meant as satire to criticize the stereotype of “emo”, or emotional. Teens in modern society label everything, this label being one of the most useless I have known. Out of “punk”, “scene”, or ”goth”, “emos” are the kids who are supposed to listen to bands such as My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy, cut their wrists, and hate their life and cry all the time because their mom told them to clean their room. I know that there are people out there who are depressed and hurt themselves, but the so-called “emos” will do it for fashion. Tight pants, bands shirts, and eyeliner on boys is the new trend in the emo world. There is a certain irony here because these kids will dress like outcasts and pretend to be them just to fit in. I find this stereotype pointless because no one will ever fit it completely. Doing something for fashion is absurd and takes away any personal creativity the person may have created.

"In life, people come in and out of your life...and people you love will hurt you...people you don't even know will hurt you...unexpected bad things happen... these are things you can't control however what you can control is your reaction and your perception of them good and bad are just opinions it's all relative I'm not saying don't be sad or don't have emotions but learning to understand your emotions, and learning to undesrstand how you react to these emotions is one of the most beneficial things you can teach yourself cause no one else can teach it to you"- Parker Stevenson

Quotes about Zero-
"Every band needs a Zero" -Ben (Scarlett Grey)
"Zero my Hero!"- Parker (Wet Brain)
"You know, you shouldn't set your name as your score..." -Dad (while out bowling)
"I'm Zero the fucking HERO bitch. Beat that."- Me


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