And the five year old says "Mommy I'm too fat."

Pretty sure tonight at work a woman came in with her three children.

All were moderately healthy looking, except the one boy may have had a bit of a stomach, but certainly wasn't fat.
The oldest child, a girl, was no more than 9 years old
And the two sons seemed to be about 7 and 6 years old.
[the 7 year old was the one with the extra pound or two]

anyways, at the register, all the kids said they wanted to get chips and the mother was alright with that.

Next thing I knew, the 6 year old said to the 7 year old
"You don't need chips. You're already fat and chubby. Look at that stomach *pats stomach*"
I was appauld by that lil brat. And the 7 year old looked like he was about to cry. The mother didn't even say anything.

When they were picking out their chips, the 9 year old kept saying they shouldn't be eating chips cause they're all going to get chubby.

I think it's pitiful that kids THAT young are worried about their weight and can be that harsh to another child that barely has a few extra pounds. The mother didn't even say anything.

this is what society has produced? Self concious children who think they're too fat? Disgusting.
Posted on August 3rd, 2007 at 04:29am


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