Never-Ending Story Of Our FAVORITE 3 Guys!

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February 3rd, 2010 at 09:50am
"Really? You think so?" Mike said with a sarcastic voice.
"Cut it off. I don't think I like you now." Jason said.
"Meh, now we have to go to the guys." Mike said.

"Jason!!" Tré screamed and hugged him.
"Oh, you're alwright!! Why did you go?!" Tré asked.
"I..." Jason got cut off.
"He did it cause he's an Idiot." Mike said and crashed in the couch.
"I'm not an Idiot. I'm just, stop it Mike!!" Jason bursted out crying.
"Mike! You know he's sensetive! What did you do?" Billie asked.
"I got real mad cause he can't be normal! He just ran away!!" Mike screamed.
"Does- does that mean that- that you hate me? And- and Tré?" Jason cried.

"Mike!!! You have to stop!!" Billie screamed.
"Why? Do you rule over us, huh?" Mike screamed back.
"Look at Jason! He's crying cause of all this shit that's happened!!!" Billie screamed.

Jason was sitting on a chair crying while Tré tried to calm him down. Mike was just mad at Jason, and he didn't know why. He couldn't hear Billie screaming at him, only like one kind of background of the thoughts about Jason and Tré he had.

"He- he- he hates me!" Jason cried.
"No, no Jason. He doesn't. He loves you." Tré said.
"He doesn't love meeee!! You heard him!! He probably hates you too!!" Jason cried hysterically.
"You know what? If he doesn't love you", here Tré quietly added 'Which he really does', "Then you don't have to like him either." Tré said.
"But I doooo!!" Jason cried and couldn't stop.

"Mike!!" Billie screamed.
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LoveSick Melody
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February 3rd, 2010 at 03:58pm
Mike was in his own world, not listening to Billie or Jason or anyone really. He zoned out, staring at nothing. He snapped back to the present when Billie slapped him.
'Dude!! What the f*ck what that for!?!?" Mike raged. Billie didn't reply, he just simply gestured to Jason, who was crying hysterically on Tré's shoulder. Adie had gone to sit by his side as well, and Billie was seated next to her. All the while Mike simply stared, still not seeing what was right in front of him.
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February 3rd, 2010 at 04:16pm
"I'm- I'm just nothing. No- nobody likes me." Jason cried as Tré tried to hold him up.
"We like you. As a matter of fact, we love you." Adie said.
"No, now I- I know who- he means." Jason cried hysterically.
"What do who mean?" Billie asked.
"M- Mike wrote that- that song ab- about me." Jason cried.
"No he didn't. He just wrote it about nobody in particular." Billie said.

Adie pulled Billie away.
"We have to help him." Adie said.
"How? Oh my God. He's screwed up wright now." Billie said glancing at Tré, but he was to busy with Jason crying on his shoulder.

"Mike!!" Adie said with a hard voice.
He didn't answer, so she pulled him away too.
"Mike! You have to tell Jason that you don't hate him!" Adie said.
"But... I don't know if I do like him anymore." Mike said still staring.
"You do! He really thinks that you have wrote Nobody Likes You about him!" Billie popped up.
"Maybe I did..." Mike began to think. The only thing he saw was Jason. Did he really hate Jason? Why did he become this way?
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 4th, 2010 at 07:09am
Why the hell was everyone on his case, he just called Jason an idiot for running off, that's all.mike thought miserbly.
Mike did.. Did you write it about me? Jason said looking up at mike who had just stood up to leave.

WTF man?! Where did you get THAT from? I wrote that for the stupid album to fit in with the story! If I write a song it doesn't mean it's about somone I know! So just all of you get off my case, and Jason grow up and act like a man, who cries after being called an idiot? Mike said storming off the bus and into his own bus.

Don't listen to him, adie said soothingly.
No he's right, Jason said embarassed, he was only mad I ran off and then we all ganged up on him, it was unfair.
I guess, billie said relalising that mike hadn't actually done anything and that they were propably judy worked up over the concert.
We should probably go apologize, tre said quietly.
They all went over to hid bus and banged on the door.
Mike we are sorry! Open up! Jason called.
Mike heard them but didn't respond, he was too busy thinking over who wouldve wanted to sabotoge the concert.
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February 4th, 2010 at 09:46am
"Please, open up!!" Jason said sadly and kept banging the door.
"Please!" He stopped.
He leaned against the door, Billie was understanding.

"Man... let him be for a while." Billie said.
"No! He's wright, I am an Idiot!" Jason said.
"You're not. You're just a bit sensetive. Wright? Do you agree with that?" Billie asked with a gentle voice.
"I know I am but... I don't cry cause someone calls me an Idiot." Jason said.
"It's just all this shit that's happened. Nothing to worry about. Let's go back." Billie said.

"Are you coming?" Tré asked.
"No. I'll... go back to my own bus..." Jason replied.
"I want to be... alone." Jason turned around, but before he left Tré could see that he hide some tears.


"Mike!! Please!!!" Jason screamed.
"No. Not now. Go away." Mike replied through the bus door.
Jason leaned once again against the door, as Tré discovered him.

"Jason. Why did you-"
"Stop! I don't wanna cry more!!" Jason said.
"I saw... that you were crying." Tré said.
"No! I was not..." Jason said and hide his face.
"You are! Aww, Jason..." Tré said and hugged him.
"I... just want Mike to understand me." Jason whispered with tears in his eyes as Tré hugged him.
"Why can't he understand me?"
"He do. He always do. Stop with all this crap. We love you and you know we do." Tré said comfortly.
"I've gone through this myself, and it's not a good way to act like I did. To act like you do now."
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February 6th, 2010 at 04:44am
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LoveSick Melody
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February 6th, 2010 at 09:42am
I guess I will continue...
Jason sighed, not in the mood to argue anymore. He threw one more look at Mike's bus, before turning away and going to his own. Tré watched him go, before pulling out his all-purpose key, and opening Mike's door.
Inside, the place was a mess, and Mike sat in the middle of the floor, looking at nothing.
"Woah! Mike! What happened in here?" Mike ignored him, as if he had never spoken.
"Mike? Dude?" Tré was getting worried. When Mike still gave no answer, he called Billie, who answered in a sleepy voice.
"Billie, you gotta get down here! Something is not wright with Mike..... Billie?"
But there was no answer, for Billie was already on his way.
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February 6th, 2010 at 11:42am
"Man? Dude? Mike!" Billie said but he didn't get any answer.
"Estelle's hurt!" Tré tried to wake him up from his own world.
"What?!" Mike responded more worried than ever.
"Nothing has happened." Billie said.
"Why did you say so then?!" Mike was angry.
"To wake you up, man!" Tré said.
"You can't lie like that!!" Mike screamed.
"We didn't! You got mad at one of your best friends and he wanted to make all this good again, but you just didn't care!!" Billie screamed back.
"I CARE!! Don't tell me that I don't care!!" Mike screamed.

"No, Tré, what are you doing?! Come back! Don't drag him into this!!" Billie screamed as Tré went to get Jason. Maybe he could calm Mike down?

"Aww!! Let me go! What are this suppose to be about?" Jason asked as Tré lead him into the bus with a tight grip around his arm.
"No!" Billie said and pushed Jason in the corner to turn around and talk to Tré.
"You can't! Mike is probably pretty angry on him. He will be mushed!" Billie said.
"I have to. They have to get together again." Tré said and pushed Billie away, and dragged Jason to put him in front of Mike.

"What do you want?" Mike asked Jason with clenched teeth and a killer look on his face.
"I don't know! He dragged me here!" Jason said questionly.
"You better tell me," Mike took a step forward defensivly against Jason, "or I will-"
"You won't." Tré said. As if he already knew what was gonna happen between Mike and Jason.
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February 6th, 2010 at 01:58pm
It all happened very quickly after that.
Mike made a lunge for Jason just before Tre could getta hold of him. ''Mike! Man what are you doing?!'' Billie roared. Jason was cowering in the corner of the bus while Tre was scrambling to getta hold of Mike. Mike screamed ''Get off me!! Cant you see?! Its him!!''
Almost in unison Tre and Billie replied ''What?!''
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February 6th, 2010 at 06:25pm
"It's, it's HIM!!" Mike screamed.
"Who?!" Billie asked as Mike was going to break through Tré's grip. Mike didn't answer, he had break through and he was on his way to Jason in the corner.
"You!", Mike said and pointed at Jason, "you did it!! You, you, you bastard!" Mike screamed.

"What did he do, Mike?!" Tré asked.
"He, he... he hurt Estelle!!" Mike screamed.
"I... I didn't! It was a, a mistake!" Jason whined.
"It wasn't!! Why did you do that to her?!" Mike screamed.
"She tripped and fell over my leg and she broke her arm!!" Jason said quickly.
"I didn't do anything!!"

"Mike! Mike, that's nothing! Why are you so damn fucking angry at Jason?!" Billie asked.
"That wasn't what I meant!! Give me the paper!!" Mike screamed.
"No! You can't have those! It's not about her!" Jason said.
"It's only the broken arm!! I wasn't involved in the others sake!!!"
"Give me it!!!" Mike roared as Jason screeched out something ununderstandable.
"N- no! You're n- not OK..." Jason almost began to cry.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 7th, 2010 at 07:29am
Mike calm down, that was ages ago estelle is fine now, billie said resurringly, yes she did break her arm by tripping over Jason but that was ages ago. Why bring it up now?
Mike just struggled on clenching his teeth and ignoring billie.
Mike? What's going on? Brittany said as she walked in and tried to avoid the heap of things on the floor.
Nothing. Mike snapped just a bit of a disagreement, he then stopped fighting and stood up like nothing had happened.
I'm watching you, mike whispered as he bent down to pick up his base off the ground, Jason couldsee it in his cold eyes that he ment itso he left for his own bus.
Billie made an attempt at lighting up the mood in the room.
How bout we uh go to the beach? There's one down the road that isn't too crowded.
Tre looked at him puzzled before he got the hint. Oh uh yea! Tre responded trying to sound enthusiactic, you coming mike?

He just grunted so they took that as a half yes.
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February 7th, 2010 at 07:37am
"Jason? Are you OK?" Brittany asked.
"N- no. He thinks that I was involved." Jason said.
"With what?" Brittany asked.
"No! Go away! I can't tell you, I can't tell anyone!" Jason said and walked fast to his own bus.

Inside the bus, Jason locked the door and turned on the TV.
"Oh shit. Only... only... I can't let them know about that!" Jason said to himself as he turned the TV off.

*On the beach*
"Hey! Mike. What is going on?" Billie asked.
"Nothing." He grumbled.
"Something!" Tré said.
"Nothing!!" Mike raised his voice to normal tone.
"Well, we're gonna play tonight and you have to get good with Jason again." Tré said.
"NO!" Mike stood up and walked away.
"Crap. He's paranoid." Billie said.
"Ehhm, umm, ash, yes he is." Tré agreed.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 8th, 2010 at 07:23am
wait.. paranoid? Tee said with a questioning looking on his face.
Oh I mean um, billie paused, I don't know what I meant he laughed as they ran to where mike was now sitting, out on the rocks.

Billie ran out to where mike sat on the edge of a large rock while tre made his way caustiouly over; he didn't want to fall.

Billie sat next to mike as the wind blew gently at their faces, he said nothing and eventually tre joined them.
Tre took the hint and sat down a bit further away, pretending to be interested in a rockpool there.
It's pretty surreal isn't it? Mike said staring into no particular spot in the distance.
What is? Billie responded with a puzzled look crossing his face.
Our lives, how we got to where we are today, it's all just.. Mike paused. Unreal.
Wouldn't have it any other way billie said.
But don't you wonder what life wouldbe been like without green day? Mike said still staring into the distance.
Sometimes, billie said, but I try not to dwell on it.
Um mike can I ask you something? Billie said cautiously.
Hmm? Mike answered.
Billie decided to go for it. Why the sudden hating of Jason?
Mike concentrated on billie for the first time since they had come to the beach, well its no,never mind you won't belive me.
Try me billie said sagar to get an answer.
Well it's just that, you know the concert and that animal? Well before I ran into Jason I heard him thank the person who took the animal away and saw him slip some money into his hand.and all the other concerts he was really, well jumpy.
Billie had a bewidlered look on his face, wait you mean you think Jason did it, but why?
I don't know that's my problem, mike looked truthful and billie was starting to add everything up, it was possible, billie realized but why?
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February 8th, 2010 at 09:43am
"Waouu!" Tré slipped on a slimy rock and fell to the ground.
"Hahaha, be aware!" Billie laughed.
"Hey! I remember that time you slipped..." Tré laughed back and got up.
"Ya... OK, that was..." Billie said and added a laugh.

"Shit. I have to... change. See you guys later." Tré said and walked back to the bus.
"Sure. Mike?" Billie asked.
"Ah?" Mike answered.
"You wanna go back...?" Billie asked.
"Sure." Mike said.

The door was locked, so Billie took his key and opened it up. Inside, they saw Jason on the floor. His face was white and he was sweatting, Billie got worried. Was he dead, or just sleeping?

"Jason! Jason!" Billie tried to wake him up by slapping him in the face. He didn't wake up.
"Jason!!" Billie checked the heart beats and breathing. He was alive.

"Wake up Jason!!! Please!!" Billie pleaded.
"He's just mean to you. That's not real." Mike said.
"Mike!! He may be dead!" Billie said and got back to Jason.

Meanwhile Tré was heading at the bus.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 9th, 2010 at 08:10am
All of a sudden jason woke up. He seemed confused as to why he was on the ground but then he remembered and kept his mouth shut, if he told them then they might catch on to his plans.

Are you ok? Billie said concerned.
Yea I'm fine, jason had to think quick, I uh just like um walked into my wall! And um hit my head!
Oh? Billie wasn't to convinced and mike stood with a stony look afixed to his features, is there a bump? Does it hurt?
No! Jason said quickly getting up, I'm uh fine now.
Ok.. Billie said becoming suspisious, well il see you later for the concert and both he and mike walked out.

Woah that was close! Jason thought, he really had passed out but that was from the drink not walking into a wall, jeez billie was such an idiot to believe him!
Good thing he fell on his plans, they would give away every plan he had of sabotaging the band...

See?! Mike said, he's acting weird! We need to cheack it out and find out what's going on!
I'm still not convinced, billie said unsure, why would he wanna ruin our concerts?
I'm not sure, mike said,brow furrowed, but I'm gunna find out one way or another and with that they departed to go get ready for the concert .
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February 9th, 2010 at 09:49am
They catched up with Tré backstage, as so with Jason. He seemed to be very nervous and tripped on every single word.

"What's wrong with him?" Tré asked.
"Umm... Mike thinks that he's suppose to be the one who ruin our concerts." Billie answered.
"I don't think! I know!" Mike added quickly before Jason tripped over his base.

"Man! Watch out!" Mike said.
"O- oh. So- sorry, sorry." Jason said and walked away embarrassed.

"Do you really think so?!?" Tré asked curiously but still a bit scared.
"Jason is our friend, he couldn't do that!"
"Well... if you add everything up so..." Billie said and shrug his shoulders.

"No! No!" Tré said as he added everything up in his mind.
"Man!! Watch out!! It's my base you're tripping over! Man!" Mike suddenly screamed as Jason tripped and fell over Mike's base once again.

"What's going on here guys? We're playing in about 5 minutes." Billie asked.
"He tripped over my base! Again!" Mike said and looked at Jason, he was irritated.
"That's nothing! You don't remember the time when-"
"Yes I do!" Mike quickly added, he didn't wanna bring it up again.
"OK, so let's go." Tré said and helped Jason up again.

"The very famous Punkrock band formed in 1987 is here today, and they're gonna play maybe two of their most famous songs ever, Longview and Basket Case. Everybody it's Green Day!!" They heard the presenter introduce them and the excited crowd outside.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 10th, 2010 at 07:18am
The crowd went beserk at the site of their 3 favourite guys.
Jason walked out and got only a polite apalase from a few dedicated fans, others not even recognizing him.

Time to put the plan into action Jason thought with a devious grin.
Mike saw this and was now getting worried, billie how ever was oblivious to everything.
Are you ready?! He screamed to the fans before lsnching into basket case.
The crowd went wild and they got an even better reaction for Longview.
They decided to play some 21st cb songs next.

Then all of a sudden, the lights went out and the stage was plunged into darkness.
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February 10th, 2010 at 07:32am
"What did you do?!" Mike screamed as he reached for Jason in the dark.
"Nothing! That, I didn't!" Jason answered.
They heard a metallic noise. Billie had tripped and fallen over some metal bars on the ground.

"Graah!! Oh my God, why? Help me someone!!!" Billie screamed as his leg was stuck between the two metal bars.
"Billie, Billie where are you?!" Tré asked.
"Here! Auch!" Billie screamed as Tré accidentally tramped him on the hand.
Meanwhile Mike was searching for Jason.

"Where are you?! Come here you little fucker!!" Mike screamed.
"I really promise, it wasn't me!" Jason said.
Mike couldn't see him, only hear him.
"I promise." Jason said with a nervous voice.
"I... I don't believe you. Prove it." Mike said.

Billie was still stuck and Tré was trying to pull him out of there as the lights came back. It took a while, but the fans noticed them for sure.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 11th, 2010 at 07:15am
Tre finally pulled billie out. The fans look confused, they wanted to no what had just occurred.

Billie stood up quickly and grabbed the mic.
He tried to break the tension; damn light techicain jeez u no I'm scared of the dark!
The people working on lights, who were now trying to find the cause, laughed and waved an apology.
Billie lanchhed into know your enemy and the crowd soon got going again.

Mike still kept a watchful eye on Jason but he was oblivious to this.
He had bigger things on his mind such as what happened with the lights and his now ruined plan.
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February 11th, 2010 at 10:53am
After the show, Jason tried to get away, but Mike noticed him.
"Hey! What are ya doing?!" Mike said.
"Eh... um... I'm just gonna... um, sleep!" Jason answered.
"You are not!" Mike grabbed Jason's shirt.
"What are you gonna do?!" Mike asked.
"Nothing... eh, um... Billie! Billie!" Jason yelled.
"Yeah what?" Billie replied.
"I'm just gonna sleep, wright? I do that after all of my shows." Jason said nervously.
"Um, you're always gone..." Billie replied.

"Tré, Tré, I need Tré!" Jason said more nervous than ever.
"Where's Tré?"
"He went to the bus." Billie said.
"Oh my God no!!" Jason screamed and ran away as the shirt slipped through Mike's hands.

Jason swung the door open and saw Tré lying on the floor.
"Tré! Tré! Do ya hear me?!" Jason asked as he searched for the damage.
"Y- yah. Why did you set up that trap Jason? Why?" Tré whispered.
"Sorry, I'm so so sorry!! Please, don't die!!" Jason was about to cry.

"Jason!" Billie said as he ran into the room where Tré was lying.
"No! Oh my God no! What happened?! He's stabbed!" Billie asked as he took over after Jason, who was destroyed.
"I didn't mean to harm anyone... I just wanted you to take care of me too, not just... each other. Maybe you would notice me if I got stabbed but... Tré, I'm so sorry!" Jason cried.