Never-Ending Story Of Our FAVORITE 3 Guys!

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Viva La Green Day!
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February 13th, 2010 at 10:05am
What?! Mike roared as he ran in.
You are one fucked up person, billie said with contempt, he was trying to stop tre bleeding profusley.
I.. I just Jason said on the verge of tears.
You were just looking for attention. Mike snarled.
Jason bowed his head.
Mike called an ambulance who said they would be there as soon as possible.

You better call the police too. Billie said with a glance in Jasons direction.
Jasons eyes widened in fear. Wha..?
Yea that might be a good idea mike said narrowing his eyes at him.
Just then the paramedics arrived and they started to check tre.
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February 13th, 2010 at 10:18am
"No, no, no, no, NO I have to see him! It's all my fault!!" Jason screamed but Mike held him away from Tré.

"Billie?" Tré asked.
"Yeah?" Billie answered.
"I don't want Jason to go to jail." Tré said.
"He's does not have a wright mind, Tré. He tried to stab himself to get attention." Billie said.
"But, he didn't stab me cause he wanted to!" Tré protested and tried to sit up.
"Lie down. Please?" Billie said.
"Aww." Tré moaned and held his hand on the damage.

"No, no, no!! Tré! Forgive me!" Jason screamed.
"Stop it!" Mike roared.
"You are NOT gonna get near him again!"
Mike threw Jason at the ground.

"Don't you dare to get up!" Mike screamed.
"Mike!" Billie screamed.
"Mike! Mike! No!"

Mike almost ran into Billie as Tré started to cough.
"I don't think it's the asthma." Tré coughed.
"But, it has to be!" Mike said.
Meanwhile Jason lay on the ground watching Billie and Mike who was trying to save Tré.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 13th, 2010 at 10:35am
The paramedics told everyone to stand back and they took tre into the ambulance.
The police arrived just then and turned to Jason.
We'd like you to come with us the said quietly to him.
Jason got into the squad car without protest.
We may have to interview you both later on to try to determine the state of mind he's in and try get a better insight into it. The police said to mike and billie.
Sure they both said shruging as they got into the ambulance to go with tre.

What are they gunna do with Jason? Tre said worried.
Most likely try to help him, mike replied, he'd not in the right state of mind at the moment and I think he needs help.
Yea... I thought that too, I just hope he doesn't get into trouble.tre said sleepily as he lay back, the pain killers were starting to kick in.
Yea, me too bilie said biting his lip.
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February 13th, 2010 at 10:46am
"Yeah..." Tré yawned.
"You should sleep a bit." Mike said pushing a pillow under Tré's head and lay a blanket over him.
"Thanks Mike. I love you both." Tré said and fell asleep.

"Ooh, is he OK? He is OK, wright? Please, say that he isn't gonna die." Billie bursted out as fast as Tré was fast asleep.
"He isn't. Nothing, except the damage, has changed his vital signs." Mike said.
"But what has made Jason like this?" Billie asked.
"I don't know. He's kinda wright. We didn't care about him when he had a cold. Or when he divorced." Mike said.
"I thought he was alwright!!" Billie said.
"I did too." Mike said.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 14th, 2010 at 06:24am
Well we do care, billie said as the ambulance pulled into the hospital, he just doesn't notice! And be didn't need to ruin our concerts and stab tre to make us see .
Yea Im not gunna agrue with that mike said, they were now walking to the waiting room while tre got sorted.
I hope he gets some sort of help, billie said worried, I don't want him to get in trouble.
Yea me too. Mike said, I think they are gunna bring him to a professional who can help with his uh, problems.
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February 14th, 2010 at 06:38am
At the moment the squad car pulled in and Jason came running.
"I have to see him!! Now!" Jason said but Mike stopped him.
"No! You're a maniac! You're not coming near him!" Mike said.
"I... I have to." Jason said.
"No!" Mike said.

"But... Mike? He's just... he didn't mean it." Billie said.
"How do you know?!" Mike became angry.
"He really does care about every one of us." Billie answered.
"I do! I do!! Please!" Jason said.
"No!" Mike roared.
"YES!" Jason screamed and broke through Mike's grip.

"Come back! You are not getting near him!" Mike said and punched him.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 14th, 2010 at 07:53am
The punch landed on jasons shoulder and sent him swerving into the wall.
Staggering a bit Jason stood up only to be escort to the reception by the police. While they were there one of them turned to mike and billie and began to explain.

We have decided that it is in mr whites best interests she began, they he stay in the hospital a while and get professional help for his state of mind, while here he will be on a ward far away from mr. Wright and will not be allowed to visit him.

Wait, mike began trying to comprehend all of this, are you saying he's going to rehab?
Yes mr white will be attending rehabilition courses while here she said.
Can we visit him? Billie said.
No, she said, it of not how the treatment works.
When is the um course over? Mike asked.
6 weeks she replied, if you have any more queries do not hesitate to ring she said giving them a number before leaving.
Woah, well we are gunna need a fill in guitarist while he's Um being treated, mike said.
And a drummer if tre can't play with his wound, nbillue said biting his lip.
They both say down in the waiting room.
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February 14th, 2010 at 08:01am
Billie's phone rang.
"Billie! Where are you?!" Adie asked.
"We're at the hospital." Billie answered.
"Why?!" Adie asked worried.
"Haven't you heard?" Billie said.
"No! What?!" Adie became worried.
"... Tré... got..." The words was stuck in Billie's throat.
"Can I speak to Mike?" Billie heard Brittany in the background.
"Of course. Billie, Brittany wanna speak to Mike." Adie said.
"Sure." Billie said handing Mike the phone.

"Mike!! Mike, are you OK?" Brittany asked.
"Yeah. I am. Can't you please come?" Mike bursted out crying.
"Oh, yes hunny, I'll be there!" Brittany said.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 15th, 2010 at 08:00am
mike said goodbye and hung up.
The hospital they were in was a fair drive away from where they were staying and it would take them a while to get there.
It was silent for a while until billie tried being practical for once.
Um you mentioned that we might need new uh band members for a while, are you sure tre can't play? Billie didn't even bother ask about Jason, he knew it was out of the question.
Yea 'fraid so, tre got stabbed in the wrist of all places so he won't be allowed play till it heals. Mike said glumly.

Oh ok well it's just I had this thought.. Billie trailed off.
What? Mike said curious.
No it's stupid, billie said wishing he hadn't said anything.
No tell me I wanna no mike said firmly.
Well I was thinking um we ask al to fill in for tre for a while, ya know while he gets better. Billie mumbled.
Al? As in al sobrante? Mike asked confused.
Yea.. I'm sure we could find him. Billie said hopefully.
They'd not a bad idea, it would be cool to see him again but do you think he will wanna play?
We can pusuade him, billie reasoned, I mean who wouldn't wanna go on tour playing drums and not like we used to, he will actually get payed this time not have to pay for it, he said with a smirk.
Yea.. Well let's run it by tre when we can visit him.mike said, but what about second guitar?
Well I was thinking billie started, we have a comapition in gilman St. And which ever kids the best can play.
Mike was about to give his opinion on this when adie and brittany walked in.
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February 15th, 2010 at 09:17am
"Aww, are you OK hun?" Brittany asked as she hugged Mike.
"Yeah... but it's kinda hard." Mike replied.
"What is hard, hun?" Brittany asked with a gentle voice.
"He's... he's never gonna be alwright!!" Mike was on the verge of tears, the sight of Brittany made him feel insecure.
Brittany was on her way to ask who, but Billie stopped her and told about everything to her and Adie.

"Why are we here again? Where's Tré? And where's Jason?" Adie asked.
Billie told everything and when he finished Brittany asked something...

"What about Green Day?"
"Um, we was about to ask Al to fill in for Tré." Billie answered.
"Wait... Al Sobrante?" Adie asked surprised.
"You know he doesn't play anymore?"
"Yeah, but still. He gets his money." Billie laughed.
"Where's Mike?" Brittany asked.

Mike had snuck into Tré's room, even though he wasn't allowed. He just had to see him.

"Mike...?" Tré whispered.
"Oh Tré! I love you!" Mike said still on the verge of tears.
"What are ya gonna do about the drummer seat?" Tré asked, still whispering.
"We'll ask Al." Mike said.
"Al Sobrante? You know, you filled in for him." Mike said.
"Aha! Al."

"You can not be here." One of the nurses said.
"No! Don't pull him away from me!" Tré said nervously.
"I'm so lonely."
"I am here, I care, don't worry, I'll stay." Mike said and hugged him.
"Where, where, where's Billie? I have to see Billie!" Tré screeched in panic.
"What's happening? Is something wrong?" Mike asked.
"He's just having a panic attack." The nurse answered for Tré.
"No, no, no, no, no, no Mike don't leave me, noo!" Tré screeched once again.
"It can not just be a panic attack!" Mike said.
"He can suffer from anexiety for the moment. Now you have to leave." The nurse said.
"Mike!! No, no, no, no, no! I neeeed you!!" Tré screeched.

Even though Mike wanted to help Tré he couldn't.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 16th, 2010 at 07:22am
Mike walked back into the waiting room looking miserable.
Billie was discussing al with adie in a low voice while Brittany was flicking through an outdated magazine.
They all looked up expectently when mike re-entered the room.
It doesn't look good mike said gravely , I think he's still in a bit of shock over the whole ordeal and his wrist looked pretty bad, I wouldn't be suprized if Jason fractured some of the carpals.
Billie stared at him blankly, since when did you become a doctor? He asked amused. What are um carpals?
Bones in the wrist, they take ages to heal and can sometimes have permanent side affects, but if he gets proper treatment it should be fine mike added quickly after the worried looks he recieved.
Well tre will be alright, he always is Brittany said trying to put a positive spin on the situation.
Not so sure about Jason though, billie said glumly.
To this everyone was lost for words.
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February 16th, 2010 at 07:32am
"No, no, no gimme my Mike back!!" They heard Tré scream.
"What's going on? Did he act like that when you were there too?" Billie asked.
"Yea... why is this happening to us? It could've happened to Marilyn Manson as well." Mike said.
"I think it has already, Mike." Billie laughed.

"Calm down. You'll get to met them later." A nurse said.
"No! You are, you are lying! I'll be alone and I can't get them back!!" Tré screamed.

"Why does he sound so desperate?" Brittany asked.
"They said that he suffered from anexiety and he's getting panic attacks every few hours." Mike sighed.
"They can't drug him then?" Brittany asked.
"No. Then he'll be gone." Mike said with a thick voice.
"Aww, Mike. He'll be OK." Billie said.
"Yea..." Mike replied.
"I promise, Mike. Ya know I'll do anything for you two?" Billie said.
"I know." Mike answered.

"Where's Mike, I have to be with Mike, I need Mike!" Tré screamed.
"Not now." A nurse said.
"Yes, yes, yes NOW!! Please!" Tré screeched.
"No." She replied.
"Mike!! Mike! Come and save mee!!" Tré screeched crying.

"I can't stand this." Mike said and stormed into the room.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 17th, 2010 at 07:16am
What do you think this is? A nurse said frustrated as she pushed mike out, a bloody soap opera? Wait until visiting hours please mr dirnt. With that the nurse went back into tres room who was screaming for mike.
She looked him straight in the eyes for a long while before he stopped shouting.
Thank you, she said, there is absolutley no need to scream your friend of just outside and there are patients trying to sleep.

Tre felt embarassed, why the fuck had he shouted like that? He decided to shut up and wait until visiting hours to see mike.

Back in the waiting room mike had just re- entered with a sheepish look on his face to match how stupid he felt at that point.
Hey what happened? Billie said amused at the look mike had on his face.
Um never mind, mike said, he didnt want to admit he had just been owned by a nurse. The nurse just told me when visiting hours are.
Oh ok, when can we see him? Brittany asked.
Not till the morning so we should just quickly say goodbye and see him tomorrow.
They all went to tres room, mike trying to avoid the upfront nurse.
Tre was happy to see them, they told him they would see him again in the morning.
Before they left tre and mike smiled knowingly to each other both laughing in their heads at being told off by the nurse.

The long drive back was an awkward one, everyone was thinking the same thing:
What will happen to Jason? Will they be able to find al and potental talent in gilman st. ?

When they arrived, everyone got out of the car and went to their buses without a word. Mike and Brittany going one way, billie and adie another.

Billie crashed into the couch and adie sat down next to him.
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February 17th, 2010 at 07:24am
"I can hear him scream in my head." Billie said.
"Naww, it's OK. He'll be OK." Adie said.
"Yea, but Jason...?" Billie said.
"He's gonna be fine. I think he has exactly what you had, a breakdown, remember? When you tried to kill Tré..." Adie said.
"Uh, yeah. It's only, naah!" Billie said.
"What?" Adie asked.
"Well, probably he won't be able to go near Tré. Mike will stop him." Billie said.
"You weren't either. Now you protect him." Adie said.
"Let's not talk about this."
"You're probably wright." Billie said.

Meanwhile Mike was trying to figure out how they're gonna get a whole band again.
"Mike, you should call Al now." Brittany said.
"Yea, I should." Mike said and dialed Al's number.
"Hey. It's Mike." Mike said.
"Hey. Is everything going wright? Is everything OK?" Al asked.
"Well, we need a temporary drummer. Tré's hurt." Mike said.
"If you maybe wanna fill in for him?"
"Sure. But... I heard about that guitarrist thing. Jason White, wright?" Al asked.
"Yea. But we'll figure that out. Thanks Al." Mike said and hung up.
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 18th, 2010 at 06:31am
This was what mike was thinking, but in reality life wasn't that simple.
So what are you gunna do about the band? Brittany asked for the second time bringing mike back down to earth.
Huh? Oh yea well I need to find out Als address or number or anything, then we are gunna have to try convince him to play with us for a while. I'm pretty sure he was like the rest of the gilman St lot, he might be bitter about us being a mainstream band now.
It's worth a try though, Brittany mused.and what about the guitarist?
Well I still like the idea of a compitition but I'm not sure if we will have time, we are supposed to be playing this week but obviously we will have to cancel.
Yea I think so, maybe you should ring a few old friends and see if they know anything about al? Brittany suggested.
Mike furrowed his brow and went to get his phone, he started to dial a few numbers.

Meanwhile billie and adie were trying to forget about Jason and tre for the night.
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February 18th, 2010 at 06:39am
"But if we-"
"Just sleep hunny. We'll met him tomorrow." Adie said.
"... um, alwright." Billie said.

In the next morning Billie rushed to see Tré.

"Oh my God, Tré!" Billie said.
"Billie!" Tré said and hugged him.
"No, don't tell me."
"Tell you what?" Billie asked.
"If I'm able to play or not, I wouldn't do it anyways." Tré laughed.
"Why not? I know you love it when those girls scream when I say your name." Billie smiled.
"Nah. Not really." Tré smiled back.
"Oh my God, where's Mike?"
"Oh shit, I forgot Mike! Haha, I'm so stupid." Billie said.
"Yes you are." Tré smirked.
"Well, go get him!!"
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Viva La Green Day!
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February 21st, 2010 at 06:38am
Billie walked back towards the carpark and passed adie in the waiting room.
She looked at him questionatly.
I uh forgot to bring mike, billie said hurriely as he rushed passed her, turning red.
He could here her laugh as he walked out the exit.
Billie got to the car and that's when he saw it.
Across from the hospital all on it's own was a building with the sign rehabilatation center across it's entrance.
This must be where Jason is billie thought to himself.
He made a mental note of it before he got into the car.
He drove quickly back to mike and walked in to find him still asleep.
Billie decided to have a bit of fun.

He got some frozen peas out of the freezer and quickly shoved them down mikes t-shirt.

Argh! Mike yelped waking up with a start. That's fucking cold! Billie your a dickhead!
I know, billie said laughing histerically.
Cmon get ready we are gunna visit tre and you know how impatient he is.
A disgruntled mike got dressed and they both got into the car, billie parked outside the rehab center again and told mike that that's where Jason might be.
They both wanted to visit him but they didnt wanna break the law by trespassing, or did they?
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February 21st, 2010 at 07:02am
"No, we have to see Tré." Billie said.
"OK..." Mike replied.

"Mikee!!" Tré said,
"Hey buddy." Mike said.
"What are ya gonna do?" Tré asked.
"What?" Mike said.
"The band." Tré said.
"Wha?" Mike was still in his own world, kinda.
"Green Day!" Tré laughed.
"Aha, well. I haven't called Al yet..." Mike said.
"Why not?" Billie asked.
"I haven't had the time." Mike replied.
"Aaah, noo!" Tré suddenly said.

"What is it?" Billie asked.
"I forgot Jason! He's OK, please, say he's OK?!" Tré said.
"He's OK." Billie said, but he wasn't so sure about that.
"Have you seen him?" Tré asked surprised.
"No, we can't..." Mike sighed.
"Do it!" Tré said.
"Wha?" Billie said.
"Do it! Visit him! Just do it! For me?" Tré asked.
Viva La Green Day!
Viva La Green Day!
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February 24th, 2010 at 06:35am
Don't be stupid, mike said, resisting the urge to do it, you know full well we can't just walk in and demand to see him!
Yea I know, tre said sighing.
And about al, mike said, I have tried finding him but it's been pretty hard, can you think of anyone who might know where he is? He asked both billie and tre.
Billie furrowed his brow thinking, have you tried larry?
Yea, he says last he heard from him was when we left lookout! records.
Billie and tre both tried thinking of people but mike had tried most of them.
They decided to try again later.

Billie and mike stated with tre awhile before saying they ought to go, they had a heap to do.
Oh ok, tre said a bit disappointed, come back soon!
You'll be out soon don't worry, mike said reasurringly, he couldn't say the same for Jason.

They passed the rehab centre ok the way to the car and tried to avert their eyes.
The ride in the car was a silent one and they were almost there when billie swerved unexpectantly to a side road and drove down it for about 20 minutes before mikes curiosity got the better of him.

Where are we going? Mike blurted out.
Away from it all, billie replied as they pulled up beside a stony beach, it was a cold day and as they got out of the car the wind whipped around their faces causing a shiver to run down their spines.
They grabbed their jackets from the car and began to walk in silence, each thinking over and over about the events that were happening all around them.

Billie eventually broke the silence as they sat down on a large rock:
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February 24th, 2010 at 09:32am
"We have to leave Jason behind."
"What?! We can't leave him now, not in these conditions! You mean... that he has to leave the band?" Mike asked.
"Well, if he doesn't get well... yeah." Billie said.
"No! No, no, no!! It's not possible! Never!" Mike protested.
"Hm... maybe there's another way? And what about the band? I don't wanna cancel anything!" Billie said.
"If we can't find Al, Larry or someone else we could ask Tré's cousin." Mike said.
"What? But, his cousin doesn't drum!" Billie said.
"She does." Mike replied.
"What? She? He has a secret cousin?" Billie asked confused.
"She's not secret! He haven't told you about her yet. I just... found out." Mike said.
"OK, but what's her name?" Billie asked.
"I think it was Veronica." Mike said.
"Hm, OK. Ask Veronica then." Billie smiled.