The Saints Are Coming song meaning

Recorded with U2.

This is a cover version of a song by the Scottish band The Skids from their album Scared to Dance (1979). The lyrics of the Green Day/U2 version of the song also include a fragment from the American folk song The House of the Rising Sun.

The CD single also includes a live version of the song recorded on September 25, 2006 at the Louisiana Superdome, when Green Day and U2 performed together at a New Orleans Saints football team pregame. The song was recorded to support Music Rising, an organization that helps return music programs to New Orleans, and helps musicians replace the instruments they lost to Hurricane Katrina.

The video for this song (directed by Chris Milk) also reminds the viewers about the devastation the hurricane caused, and shows a different version of events that followed the tragedy. In this video the troops are redeployed from Iraq to help victims of Katrina and thus play the role of "the saints". While showing the musicians' and director's perception of how things should have been done, the video also criticizes the way the government acted on the events in reality, as well as the way the media covers tragic events such as Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent rescue operations. As the military vehicles disappear in the final moments of the video and the camera freezes on a sign that reads "Not as seen on TV", we are returned back into reality where the saints never came, and hence reminded that we shouldn't forget about what happened, and while the government doesn't provide enough help to the hurricane victims - we should.

The Saints Are Coming lyrics

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