The History of Mr. Cool

Once upon a time Tre was destined to be a drummer. Nowadays, he still fulfills a prophecy. It's all clear, he rocks our world by playing drums. His fame came along with his song called All by Myself where he represented his nightingale voice. If you see him around the corner, don't fear, he's looking for food.

Tre CoolThe artist formerly known as Frank Edwin Wright the Third graced this planet the 9th of December, 1972. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but spent his childhood growing up in Mendocino Mountains with his father and siblings.

Growing up in a remote region, his nearest neighbor was a little out of place seeing as how most people hated the type of music he lived for: Larry Livermore, the founder of the Punk label Lookout! Records. At the age of only 12, Tré had joined his very first band, the Lookouts, with Larry on guitar and vocals, Kain Kong on bass, and Tré playing drums. of course. After recording 2 LP's (One Planet One People and Spy Rock Road) and 2 EP's (Mendocino Homeland and IV) The band started crumbling around the Early 90's, around the same time John Kiffmeyer left Green Day. Tré hopped aboard and the early days of Green Day's extreme ability to rock out together had begun.

Touring with Green Day must be one big giant laughing spasm, because with Tré Cool, there is never a dull moment, which isn't surprising seeing as how he attended clown college for a while. Even in high school, he was the comedian, but accidents will happen. While performing on stage, Tré fell off his unicycle and it resulted in him having to undergo surgery to have one of his nuts chopped off, gee, isn't that a story to tell your kids someday... 

Not all of Tré's comic actions ended so tragically. On one of Green Day's first tours, they were staying at a house with plenty of coffee; the only issue was that there wasn't any milk. In the mind of Tré Cool, the only logical thing to do was milk the dog, which Mike later commented on by saying, "You didn't tell everyone it was a boy dog." Well, whatever floats his boat.

Aside from drumming, Tre has a knack for writing "catchy" little songs with an attitude of their own.

As if drumming and writing isn't enough, Tré has yet another accompishment under his belt, that in my opinion, is worthy of a Nobel Prize. Cheech, as it has come to be called, is Tré's latest creation, inspired by Cheech from the infamous duo Cheech and Chong.

A common hobby amongst the guys in Green Day seems to be getting creative and entertaining tattoos, and Tré Cool is no exception to this. 

Over the years, Tré has continued to amuse his fans with his words of wisdom such as, "I can suck my own", telling the youth of the nation to snort doughnut sprinkles, and astounding us with his magnificent philosophies such as "I don't understand what Billie just said so, I'll talk about chickens." There you have it folks, if you don't understand life, make reference to chickens.

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