Green Day Dictionary

A Day Out In Paris
A rare Green Day bootleg.
Adrienne's Brother
Tre can play the accordion.
Adeline Records
Billie Joe co-owns this record label.
Adrienne Nesser (Armstrong)
Billie Joe's wife.
Al Sobrante
Green Day's 1st drummer who left to go to college and got replaced by Tre.
Alan Armstrong
Billie Joe's brother.
All By Myself
A secret song on Dookie after F.O.D. It is sung and played by Tre about masturbation.
All Star Converse
The shoes that Billie Joe, Mike and Tre wear from time to time.
All The Time
Track 6 on Nimrod.
Adrienne's Sister
American Idiot
Green Day's 9th album, released in 09.21.2004. Also the song American Idiot is the 1st track on the album and the single was released 09.13.2004.
Mike's Ex-Wife.
Track 9 on Kerplunk album.
Andy Ernst
The co-producer of 39/Smooth.
Anna Armstrong
Billie Joe's sister
Are We The Waiting
Track 5 on American Idiot.
Armatage Shanks
Track 1 on Insomniac.
At The Libary
The 1st song on 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

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