Green Day Dictionary

Billie Joe and Mike first met in their school cafeteria in Rodeo, California at age 10 with them both wanting to play heavy metal guitar.
Track 5 on Warning album.
Alcoholic drink Tre enjoys.
Cheryl Nasser
Mike's adoptive mother, who is native-American.
Christie Road
a place where Green Day used to go and smoke pot. The song Christie Road on Kerplunk track 4 was written about this place.
Track 3 on the Dookie album.
Church On Sunday
Track 3 on Warning.
Cigarettes and Valentines
The name of the album, that was supposed to be released, after Shenanigans, but the master tape was stolen. After that, they came out with American Idiot instead.
City Of The Damned
Part 2 of 'Jesus Of Suburbia' on 'American Idiot'
Tre's Ex-Wife.
Clown College
Tre went to a Clown College before the band got big.
Mike loves coffee.
Coming Clean
Track 11 on Dookie.
Mike used to be a cook before he was involved in music.
Corrupted Morals
A Band Billie Joe has played with.
Count Mikeula
Mike was "Count Mikeula" on Halloween, '04
Shoes Billie Joe wears in the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Crummy Musicians
A band Mike has played with.

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