Green Day Dictionary

Kathleen Hanna
The lady who did the introduction in the beginning of Letterbomb. She was the lead singer of the girl band Bikini Kill, and currently the lead singer of Le Tigre.
Green Day's second album released 01.17.1992.
The magazine that they are in the most of the time, and the music station which u can see their videos.
Kevin Kerslake
The director of the Brain Stew/Jaded video.
Killer Pillowfight
Mike got in a pillowfight with his ex wife Anastacia and winded up breaking tons of things in his body (like both of his arms)
King For A Day
Track 16 on Nimrod.
Kiss My Green Ass
An early Bootleg from 1994.
Green Day covered this song from Operation Ivy which the song appears on 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Track 14.
Kroq Weenie Roast
A place in California where Mike got in a fight and put in hospital on July 20, 1998.

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