Green Day Dictionary

Ha Ha Your Dead
The brand new song that was released on Shenanigans which is track 14.
Happy Grouch
The original title of "The Grouch".
Billie Joe can play this instrument
A song from Nimrod that Billie Joe wrote about a girl he met. The song was supposed to appear on Kerplunk but didn't fit with the style but later appeared on Nimrod in 1998.
Having A Blast
Track 2 on Dookie.
Heart grenade
Green Day's symbol on the American Idiot album.
Hitchin' A Ride
The 1st single released off Nimrod in 1997.
Hold On
Track 8 on Warning.
A song Billie Joe wrote about how much he hates George W. Bush JR on American Idiot track 3.
Track 12 on American Idiot. The song is 9mins 18secs long
Howard Stern
Green Day have been on the Howard Stern Show many times.

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