Green Day Dictionary

Laurie L.
She wrote the story "My Adventure with Green Day" thats inside of the Kerplunk CD. Actually Lawrence Livermore.
Lawrence Livermore
He gave Green Day $1000 to record 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.
Les Paul
The guitar Billie Joe uses in the American Idiot video.
Track 10 on American Idiot.
Like a Rat Does Cheese
A song wrote, sung and played by Tre.
Liquid Dookie
The original title of Dookie but they changed it because they thought it was too gross.
Lisea Lyons
Tre's Ex-Wife.
Live Freaky! Die Freaky!
A stop-motion puppet movie featuring voices from all of Green Day, and other punk/rock celebs
Live Tracks
1st live album released in 1994 containing 6 tracks.
Live Without Warning
A tour that was done after the release of Warning.
London Calling
Mike's favorite album by The Clash.
3rd single released off Dookie in 1994. Which is track 4 on the album.
Look For Love
The 1st song Billie Joe recorded.
Lookout! Records
The first record label Green Day was on.
Lookouts, The
A band Tre and Billie Joe used to be in.
The instructor of how to dance like a 'West Delta Poseur Tweet'
Lung Cancer
The reason for Billie Joe's fathers passing.

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