Green Day Dictionary

Wake Me Up When September Ends
The 1st song Billie Joe wrote about the passing of his father. Track #11 on American Idiot.
Walking Alone
Track 13 on Nimrod.
Walking Contradiction
Track 14 on Insomniac and also Track 12 on International Superhits
Green Day's current record label.
Green Day's 7th album, released in 10.03.2000.
We're Coming Home Again
Part V of Homecoming which is track 12 on American Idiot.
Welcome To Paradise
1st Single released from Dookie in 1994 which was there first ever single release, The song also appears on Kerplunk but a different version. The song is track 5 on Dookie and track 3 on Kerplunk.
Westbound Sign
Track 12 on Insomniac.
A Song off the American Idiot album which is track 13.
When I Come Around
The 4th Single released off Dookie in 1994. Which is track 10 on Dookie.
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
A song that Billie Joe wrote after reading the book catcher in the rye and he found that Holden Caulfield was very much like him so he wrote a song about it. The song appears on Kerplunk track 11.
Why Do You Want Him?
the 1st song Billie Joe wrote himself aged 15.
Wind-Up Monkey
What Billie Joe calls Tre on the set of the American Idiot video
Winston Smith
Man who did the artwork for Insomniac
A festival where Green Day started the biggest ever mud fight in history in 1994.
Words I Might Have Ate
Track 12 on Kerplunk.
Worry Rock
Track 7 on Nimrod.

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