Green Day Dictionary

The songs that made up the Shenanagans album.
Babs Uvula Who
Track 6 on Insomniac.
Billie Joe can play the banjo.
Baseball Bat
Mike's other instrument
Basket Case
2nd single released off Dookie in 1994. The song is track 7 on Dookie.
Bass Guitar
Mike plays this instrument.
Benji Madden
Tre was dressed as Benji from Good Charlotte on Halloween '04.
Green Day's home town in California.
Berkley Punk House
A place where Billie Joe and Mike spent time in during their early years.
Best Thing In Town
Track 14 on Kerplunk.
Billie Joe Armstrong
lead singer and guitarist for Green Day.
Billy Bisson
the man Adrienne was engaged to when she lost contact with Billie Joe for a year or so. Later, when Billie Joe hooked up with Adrienne again, he stole her from him.
A band Billie Joe has played with.
Blood, Sex and Booze
This was released as a promo single and is track 2 on Warning.
The name Billie Joe called his Blue Fernandez Stratocaster.
Another instrument Tre can play.
The vehicle that Green Day use as a tour bus in the early days.
Billie Joe likes to take books on tour with him.
Boring Days In Paradise
A bootleg from 1994.
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
The 2nd single released off American Idiot in 2004. The song is track 4 on the album.
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