Green Day Dictionary

Green Day were on MadTv on 01.10.01.
It is a tradition for Billie Joe to make out with another guy at concerts.
A instrument Billie Joe can play.
Marc Webb
The director of the Waiting video.
Track 1 on International Superhits.
Mark Kohr
The director of the Longview, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Geek Stink Breath, Stuck With Me, Hitchin A Ride, Good Riddance, Redundant and Macys Day Parade videos
A well known hobby of the guys, many songs were written about masturbation.
May 4th 1972
The date of birth of Mike.
Michael Ryan Pritchard
Mike Dirnt's real name.
The name of the dog that appears on the front cover of the Slappy EP.
Mike Dirnt
Bassist and backing vocalist of Green Day.
Mike Dirnt signature bass
A bass that Fender helped Mike create (sold wherever you can buy a bass)
Track 6 on the Warning album.
Moody Straps
Mike Dirnt uses these guitar/bass straps.
More Boring Days In Paradise
A early bootleg from 1994.
Mouse Trap
A symbol used in their American Idiot artwork
Musical Hot Potato
Mike's Quote when speakin about American Idiot!!
My Chemical Romance
A band. They opened for Green Day during parts of the American Idiot Tour
My Generation
Track 16 on Kerplunk which is a cover song by The Who.
Mikes sister is named Myla.

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