Green Day Dictionary

F.O.D. (Fuck Off And Die)
Track 14 on Dookie.
A instrument Mike plays.
Fashion Victim
Track 4 on Warning.
Fat Elvis
Billie Joe's nickname from abouti the 'Nimrod' to 'Warning' times
Favourite Son
A song that was done for the Rock Against Bush Vol:2.
The make of Mikes Bass.
Fernandez Stratocaster
The make of Billie Joe's first guitar Blue which he still uses to date.
Fiat Records
The record company that let Billie Joe record his 1st song
Billie Joe writes under this name for Pinhead Gunpowder.
Mike's obsession
Food Around The Corner
A rare song by Tre.
Foot In Mouth
The 3rd live album released in 1996 and can be found as a 2disk box set with Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking.
Francis Lawrence
The director of the Warning video.
Frank Edwin Wright III
Tre Cools Real Name.
Billie Joe has guiatr named Frankenstein which is made up of lots of different parts!
Tre's son.
Frustrators, The
Mike Dirnts other band.

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