Green Day Dictionary

A band Mike has played with.
St. Jimmy
Track 6 on American Idiot. St Jimmy is a character in the American Idiot story.
Stalking Song
The hidden track in 'Dookie'
The name of 1 of Mike's Bass guitars.
Steve Nesser
Adrienne's brother, Billie Joe's brother-in-law.
Story Tellers
A show on Vh1 where Green Day performed and spoke about their American Idiot album and took questions from the audience
Track 15 on Kerplunk.
Stuart And The Ave.
Track 9 on Insomniac.
Stuck With Me
2nd single released off Insomniac in 1995. It is track 3 on Insomniac.
Track 1 on Shenanigans.
Tre Cool enjoys eating fresh sushi.
Sweet Children
Track 13 on Kerplunk and also it was the name of the band before it was changed to Green Day.
Sweet Children EP
The first EP released in 1987, The EP contains 4songs which appear on Kerplunk.
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